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January 11, 2023

How Much Does an African Egg Donor Cost 2023?

Grow your family with the services of a healthy African egg donor

Egg donation is a viable fertility treatment option where the eggs are received from an egg donor in order to effectuate healthy fertilization. The services of the African egg donor are required when the woman has low-quality eggs that make it hard for the couple to achieve conception. There are various reasons behind the deterioration of the egg quality as a decrease in her fertility because of the advanced reproductive age. For effective fertilization to take place, the quality of the eggs plays a major and it is important to use highly fertile eggs for assuring high chances of conception.

At Select IVF India, we are associated with the best fertility experts with over three decades of experience in providing the superlative quality fertility treatment and care. We provide our patients with the option to choose egg donors from various ethnicities including African egg donors. Our aim is to find the most suitable egg donor for the intended parent that perfectly matches their requirements. The intended parents wish to find an egg donor with some ethnicity and other physical attributes as them, and for that, they have to go through various African egg donor profiles before finalizing an appropriate match. Regardless of the uniqueness of the requirements of the intended parents, we assist you in finding the perfect match within a reasonable price range.

Our primary objective is to help the infertile patients in achieving their dream of parenthood with the help of effective egg donation. We provide the finest quality care and treatment to the patients at all our network hospitals in India. Also, we have a big database of African egg donors and our patients get to choose the best egg donor from the various African egg donor profiles. The profiles of the egg donors contain detailed information such as their age, complexion, educational qualification, medical history, etc.

Process of selecting the best African egg donor profiles

A thorough screening of the potential candidates is done by the fertility experts of the network hospital for finding out the most suitable match for the concerned patients. Before beginning the process of egg donation, a comprehensive screening of the African egg donor is done to see if they are physically and mentally fit to undergo the egg donation process. For that purpose, they are interviewed and asked about their educational and professional background, their medical history, their family health history, general interests, physical attributes, etc.

The procedure of egg donation– The candidate selected after the screening process will be called into the clinic and will be asked to take certain medicines in order to align their cycles with that of the recipient. Our medical team at the fertility clinic will make sure that the reproductive cycles of the egg donor and the recipient are synchronized perfectly. At the beginning of the treatment, the egg donor will have to take fertility medications for about 10-12 days for ensuring enhanced production of fertile eggs.

Fertilizing the eggs and transferring the embryos– Meanwhile, the African egg donor is taking medicines; the recipient woman is given hormonal injections such as estrogen and progesterone for aligning her cycle with the egg donor’s cycle. The injected hormones will also induce a better reproductive environment inside her body that will be more receptive to the embryos to be implanted into her uterus.

After retrieving the eggs from the donor, they are combined with the sperms (received from the father or a sperm donor) in a laboratory setting. At last, the resulted embryo or embryos are transferred into the recipient’s uterus for ensuring healthy chances of conception. After a period of 10-14 days, the recipient will take a pregnancy test to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy.

Get an economical African egg donor cost

Select IVF India is the best African egg donor agency in India offering the lowest price for acquiring the services of a suitable egg donor of your choice. We have a huge database of the healthiest and fertile African egg donors and our patients can choose the one in accordance with their specific requirements. Our medical travel agency has the best fertility doctors and medical experts with over three decades of experience in performing the most effective. Also, our success rates for different fertility treatments are the highest, which is why international patients prefer India for their fertility treatment.

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    Looking for a black African eggs donner ,would you please be able to help me and my partner.

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