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Do You Know What is IUI treatment?

The treatment is going to elaborate in the article is a fundamental infertility treatment which is known as IUI. Have you ever heard the name of IUI treatment? If not, then after reading the article, you will have a good amount of information about IUI treatment. Now, let’s start with the basic procedure of fertilization, which is completely natural. Then we’ll talk about the IUI procedure, which will help you to understand the treatment easily.

The basic procedure followed in the human reproductive system starts with developing the eggs for fertilization. Every month the eggs get mature, and at this point, if the couples complete the intercourse, then the sperm meets with the eggs and changes into an embryo.


Further, after two weeks of pregnancy, the test is done to know the result when it changes into an embryo. If the result is no, then the couple faces the problem of not fertilizing the eggs with sperm which is known as infertility.


There are many reasons why sperm do not get combined with eggs. As per the reasons, treatments are introduced. The IUI is the basic treatment completed by a catheter tool where the sperm will be inserted into a female uterus to complete the fertilization process.

What is the situation where the IUI treatment can be followed?

There are many situations when couples can move towards IUI treatment. These situations are going to explain in the article: Mild male factor infertility – the point mild male factor infertility talks about is when the quality of sperm is low, which cannot combine with eggs. In these cases, the doctors select good-quality sperm and insert them into the uterus. Unexplained infertility: It is when the doctors are unaware of the reason behind infertility after having some tests. Mild endometriosis: It is where tissue grows outside the uterus and restricts the sperm and eggs from combining. In these cases, the doctor suggests IUI treatment. Single parent – when a female decides to have a single mother, then she goes for the IUI treatment, where the female gets a donor sperm, which gets inside the uterus to complete fertilization.

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Is it painful?

If you are scared, then let me tell you a good fact about IUI: IUI is not a painful treatment. The treatment is complete with a catheter tool to just insert the sperm into eggs. There are no painful procedures followed, even though the treatment is complete without injecting anesthesia. After completing the process, one can follow their normal routine.

Do get confused between IUI with IVF

The basic difference between IVF and IUI treatment is the process of fertilization. In IUI, the experts will leave the sperm inside the uterus, and the fertilization process will be done in the uterus. In the case of IVF, the fertilization process will be done in the laboratory, where the embryologist will take the sperm and the eggs to keep them together in the same cultural dish. Then they will transfer the embryo into the uterus.

What is the success rate of IUI?

As we have explained IUI is the basic treatment of infertility which is complete using less amount of medication. The success rate of IUI in India is between 50 to 60% with one cycle. 


The success rate of IUI depends on the challenges as there are multiple options provided to perform the IUI treatment. One can go for the donor’s sperm where the doctors will inject the donor’s sperm to complete the fertilization process. As per the quality of sperm, the result will come. 


It is recommended that consult your doctors who will give you an exact success rate for your pregnancy as per your challenges. Also, the treatment will be suggested by doctors after identifying the root cause of your infertility.

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    What is the success rate of IUI?

    The cost of IUI includes all the aspects and elements used during the treatment such as medication, doctors’ charges, consultation, etc. The cost factor of IUI varies as per the location, country, city, etc.


    IUI (intrauterine insemination)

    Consultation charges 


    Ultrasound and blood test 

    $200 -$ 300

    IUI with fertility medication 


    IUI with male partner 


    IUI with sperm donor 


    What points you need to be considered while picking the infertility centre

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    Frequently Asked Questions:-


    No, the IUI process is not risky as there is no use of any harmful equipment or medication that harms females or to a baby.

    Couples need IUI treatment at the time when they face infertility challenges. It is the basic treatment of infertility.

    The couple should take a pregnancy test 9 to 12 days after the pregnancy test.