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January 11, 2023

Vasectomy reversal treatment cost Kolkata

Marked down cost of vasectomy reversal treatment Kolkata

Vasectomy reversal treatment Kolkata is just the opposite or undo of the vasectomy surgery treatment and what is vasectomy surgery? This is the surgery, where the surgeon makes a minor cut in the upper part of the male scrotum and then either cuts, blocks or ties the vas deferens. Basically, it is done to prevent sperms to come out from the male ejaculation. This surgery results the female partner not to get pregnant. Vasectomy reversal surgery is the procedure where the surgeon reconnects each tube (vas deferens), which carries sperms from a testicle into the semen. The entire procedure is all about the surgical procedure, where surgeon rejoins the canals, which carry sperms from a testicle into semen.

There are several factors, which affect vasectomy reversal success rate in achieving pregnancy

  • the exact time when vasectomy surgery is done
  • partner’s age
  • surgeon experience in the field of this surgery

Let’s discuss about Vasectomy reversal treatment cost Kolkata

Vasectomy reversal cost Kolkata varies as per different fertility clinic; Select IVF India is the ongoing fertility clinic, which is famous for several ART fertility treatments. Select IVF India gives vasectomy reversal treatment cost Kolkata in a very reasonable cost. Vasectomy reversal cost Kolkata by Select IVF fertility clinic is INR 1,75,000  that is far reasonable than other fertility clinic. Vasectomy reversal is one of the crucial surgeries so it is mandatory to be performed with the master hands surgeons.

During the surgery

During this surgery of Vasectomy reversal, the surgeon makes a minor incision or cut in the upper part of the scrotum and exposes the tube, which carries sperm that means – vas deferens and then release it from any surrounding tissues. Once this step is done, the surgeon will examine the fluid inside. The ends of vas deferens are connected when sperms are present in the fluid to re-establish the pathway for sperm.

After the completion of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Kolkata

As soon, the procedure gets over, the surgeon covers the incision with bandage and applies ice to reduce the swelling, and you will be advised to wear tight fitting undergarments (athletic supporter) till the date of recovery. Once the male partner has completed this surgery, he may feel pain for several days. If the doctor has applied bandage over the cuts, the patient can ask to take them off after asking with the doctor. For the first two or three days of surgery, avoid bathing and swimming. It is strongly recommended to the patients, who have undergone this surgery to wear an athletic supporter for several weeks all time except showering. Not to do sexual intercourse until unless your doctor say so. For at least four to five weeks, avoid heavy lifting, biking, jogging.

Success Rate and the cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Success rate of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Kolkata relies on some factors like, the kind of surgery you had or if any other factor that is preventing you and your partner to become pregnant. As mentioned above, Vasectomy Reversal Surgery cost Kolkata is structured in a very marked down cost and is cheap for those males who need this surgery. Vasectomy Reversal surgery can be done many times if there’s not any medical issue concerned with the male partner. Within five to six month of the surgery, your doctor checks your semen sample under the magnifier that sperms are present or not. By doing this step, whether the sperms are present or not is to know the surgery is successfully accomplished or not. Read Also:
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  • Mohammad Ruhul Amin

    I am Ruhul Amin 40 years old
    (Bangladeshi) I did vasectomy in 2012 from Bangladesh when I had two daughters. But sadly my wife died so I want to get married again so my Vasectomy reversal treatment
    Required. How much can it cost and what is the success rate? How long can it take me to get this treatment? Where can I get the best treatment? Please let me know.

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