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Egg Donation India

Egg Donation in India- Better is to fix on one decision rather than wait

Egg donation in India is one of the most recurrent assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which has become widely accepted all over India. Egg donation is the process where eggs are donated from the donor to the infertile female partner to build a family. Infertility is that common issue which has touched or affected many of the blessed couples turning them into the grip of infertile individual. Infertility or sterility can occur due to several causes that may include your lifestyle, addiction of any drugs, drinking or smoking habit, excess workout, overweight or underweight etc. According to the latest data of infertility, we got to know that one out of ten couple is under this blot. Even if you are in the circle of infertility group and not able to become parent, then no need to carry any tightness from your life as many of the fertility treatments, methods have been introduced by the ART specialists’ clinic and hospitals.

Ok! Let’s get clear about ART technique. ART is the latest and advance fertility treatment, which untangles any fertility issue. One of the leading and top range methods we are going to know is of Egg Donation India.

Egg Donation India 2020

What is Egg donation

In India, female infertility is much more than male infertility. Egg donation is preferred by those infertile females who are unable to perform healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization. Egg donation is the method by that a female provides many eggs for functions of Egg donation process. Egg donation India involves the method of IVF because the eggs are fertilised within the laboratory. A requirement for egg donation could arise for variety of reasons. Barren or infertile couples could favour to have the eggs through egg donation when the female partner cannot have her own biological kid just because she may not have superior quality of eggs that can be easily fertilized with the male partner’s sperms.

Who can go for Egg Donation

  • Women who are unable to produce fine quality of eggs.
  • Women, who produce healthy eggs but have any genetic disorder, can also go for egg donation.
  • Eggs that are originated from woman may lack in potential or the quantityof eggs made is also of low count to be effectively fertile by male sperms.
  • Woman who have crossed the age of 40 (and thus loosing the capacity of fertilized and fine quality of eggs)

Procedure of Egg Donation

Egg donation comes in ART method. Egg donor India plays very crucial role in the entire process of Egg Donation, without healthy and fine eggs, fertilization can’t be achieved. Therefore, we can say that the whole procedure is all about Egg donor India.

In this process, fertility experts start to provide medication to the egg donor to produce multiple eggs at the time of ovulation. Once the eggs are matured enough, it is retrieved by the fertility experts with the help of special needle. When the eggs are retrieved, they are kept in a culture dish for fertilization with the male partner’s sperms.  After 3-4 days of fertilization, combination of sperms and eggs becomes an embryo, and then this embryo is inserted to the infertile female partner’s uterus. Picking up of the eggs hardly takes 30-35 minutes and soon the egg donor is discharged from the clinic or hospital on the same day. It is the plus point of this process that Egg Donor can easily return in her daily routine after donating the eggs. Once eggs are obtained, the role of the egg donor India is complete There’s not any complication in donating the eggs but there are some rules before selecting Egg Donor India like the donor must be in fit position, must not less than 21 etc. Variety of medical and blood tests are carried out before the final procedure of Egg donation, because selecting egg donor is not an easy task.

    Single out Egg Donation in India

    Success rate of egg donation in India is higher than rest of the fertility treatments. Select IVF is the ultimate and leading clinic, which provides best quality of eggs and egg donor in the process of Egg donation India. Egg donor is kept unidentified in the entire process and after the process. Hence, egg donation in India is safe and secure process whoever wants to go for it.

    Egg Donor Database in India- Select IVF provides egg donors according to the demand of the infertile couple. On the basis of the demands, Select IVF has all the categories of egg donors. This database includes Asian, Indian, Caucasian and African donors. You can also select egg donors by physical characteristics (like the colour of eye, colour of hair etc). Egg donors in India are all screened, tested, and provide best quality of eggs for fertilization. So, if you are planning for this process then plump for egg donation in India and hold your happiness in the form of a baby in your life permanently.