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Egg Freezing India

Egg Freezing India – Where women can freeze their eggs for later use

    Egg Freezing India is a method which is used to preserve a woman's reproductive potential. Eggs are harvested from women ovaries, frozen and stored for later use. During, IVF procedure these frozen eggs can be thawed, combine with men sperms in lab and will placed into the uterus of intended mother to establish the successful pregnancy.

    Egg Freezing India is the best option when you are not ready to become pregnant currently; however, you want to be a biological mother of your baby in future. There are many reasons that women store her eggs for later use for e.g. they might deal with the cause of infertility in future, there are some medical issues with her uterus, suffering from cancer etc. can affect her infertility and she will not be able to have her own biological baby. To avoid such circumstances there are women who store their eggs in their younger age and use them later when they plan for their family.

    Egg Freezing India is a procedure which is performed by the skilled fertility specialist who will assess the women ovarian reserve to estimate the potential yield of eggs which will do prior to ovarian stimulation cycle. The assessment will include the pelvic ultrasound and blood test. Ovarian stimulation in Egg Freezing India process will also be carried out in the same manner as it is used with IVF (in vitro fertilization), through injectable hormonal medications.

    Your fertility expert at the network hospitals under Select IVF, the medical tourism company will monitor the status of your eggs under the microscope, and those that are mature are cryopreserved. Currently, vitrification is the only method for cryopreserving the eggs, and this can be done by ultra-rapid cooling into liquid nitrogen where these eggs can be stored.

    How much do Egg Freezing Cost India and its success rate?

    The Egg Freezing Cost India is very reasonable and people can easily avail the benefits of egg freezing procedure, however, there are insurance companies who covered the initial Egg Freezing Cost India and the couples need to check with their insurance providers for the same, however, if you compared the Egg Freezing Cost India with other developed countries than you will find India is the best place for egg freezing procedure.

    The success rates for taking the baby home through egg freezing procedure is around 40 to 50% per egg, however, egg freezing is a new procedure and it is too early to give the exact figure for the pregnancy rates. The chance of the successful pregnancy through Egg Freezing India process mainly depends on the age of the women. The younger the women are the more are the chances of successful conception.

    Egg Freezing Cost in India 2020
    Egg Freezing Cost in India 2020

    Egg Freezing India is a procedure which wills not any guarantee that pregnancy will surely occur. The women who freeze their eggs for later use may not know the exact outcomes of storing the eggs for many years and there are chances that they lose the opportunity to have a baby naturally.

    There are cases where your health care team will recommend using a fertilization technique which is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In ICSI, a single healthy sperm is injected directly into each mature egg of women.

    According to study, nearly 70 to 80% of eggs survive freezing and thawing, and a similar amount will be successfully fertilized. After implantation about 50 to 60% of the women get pregnant, however, that also depends on the women age at the time of egg freezing.

    According to research, the pregnancy rates might be lower when frozen eggs are used, as compared with fresh or frozen embryos.

    How long the Egg Freezing Clinic India stores the eggs?

    The Egg Freezing Clinic India under the Select IVF, the medical tourism company will store the eggs normally for 10 years and this period can exceed in certain circumstances which your fertility expert will explain to you that how you can store your eggs to achieve the successful results of the egg freezing procedure.

    In case, you change your address you need to inform the Egg Freezing Clinic India so that they will able to contact you when your storage period is coming to an end. In case, you did not inform the Egg Freezing Clinic India about the change of your address and they are unable to contact you in such cases they will take out your eggs from the storage and will destroy them.