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IVF Cost Calculator

Ascertaining the approximate cost of IVF treatment

IVF cost calculator is utilized for finding out the estimate IVF cost for a particular patient in accordance with their varying treatment requirements. There are various factors that influence the cost of the IVF treatment in India such as the fertility centre that you choose for your IVF treatment, the fertility specialist you pick to perform the treatment, and the cost of the other additional procedures that take place during the IVF treatment. While it is hard to find out the exact IVF cost of a specific fertility clinic as the prices may differ based upon different variables, but with the help of IVF cost calculator, the patient can find out the average cost of IVF that they have to incur in order to undergo an IVF treatment.

The aim of the IVF cost calculator is to help the patients in figuring out the estimated price that they may have to pay for their IVF treatment after including all their necessary treatment requirements. However, this estimated and calculated cost cannot be regarded as the definite cost and there can be a substantial or minor difference between the estimated cost and actual cost. This calculator is just a tool to calculate the approximate cost of the IVF treatment in conformity with the specific course of IVF treatment of the patient.

Calculating the estimated IVF cost

For finding out the cost of IVF treatment, you are first required to enter your name, the type of IVF treatment, and answer all the other questions listed below. Once you answer everything, the IVF cost calculator will show you the estimated cost for your IVF treatment. The calculator is made after considering all the relevant processes and tests that are performed during the IVF treatment and tries to give you the accurate cost or somewhere near the actual cost that you will be charged for your IVF treatment.

Below are the most important variables that influence the cost estimation of IVF treatment.


The age of the patient undergoing IVF treatment is the major factor in determining the charges of the IVF. The ability of a woman to produce healthy and fertile eggs decreases as her age goes up, which in turn affects her fertility and her chances of achieving success with the IVF treatment. For instance, a woman over 35 has to undergo more than one IVF cycle before success in the IVF treatment is made certain, which affects the total cost of IVF treatment.

Type of IVF cycle

Another important determinant of the IVF cost is the type of IVF treatment. If the couples are using their own eggs for the treatment, then the cost of IVF will be lesser as compared to the use of donor eggs in the IVF treatment. Therefore, the cost of IVF varies if the donor eggs or donor sperms are used in the course of IVF treatment.

IVF Cost Calculator

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