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How Much Does ovarian drilling cost

Ovarian drilling: best option to move out of female infertility; female can opt the least invasive methodology for the infertility treatment

Ovarian drilling is the best option for the infertile women to move out of infertility and solve the problem with a fruitful result of a healthy newborn in the lap of the female. The procedure is also known as the multi perforation or laparoscopic ovarian diathermy. It is the surgical technique of puncturing the membrane with the laser beam or surgical needle using a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. The procedure is simple and least invasive, due to which most of the females with the problem with ovulation opt for the treatment of ovarian drilling. Ovarian drilling may cause early menopause and affect the number of eggs.

How does the process of ovarian drilling starts and ends with the successful result?

The ovarian drilling treatment follows a very simple process which really does not harass the patient and in the end patients remains healthy. In some cases, patients can face some problems of which might be due to the early weakness or other factors in a female. This is how the ovarian drilling works

  • Below belly button, a small incision is made.
  • The abdomen is inflated by inserting a small tube filled with carbon dioxide gas.
  • A camera is inserted in the hole and then the internal organs and ovaries are viewed by the doctor.
  • The tools are injected while under the observation and a small touch to the ovary is made or hole is drilled over it.

This will ensure the production of eggs in sufficient amount which will enhance the rate of fertilization.  After ovarian drilling testosterone production decreases and many women start with the regular ovulation cycle. If the patient gets a regular period after ovarian drilling they are sure about the fertilization and having a successful treatment. But in case you are not good with the period then some of the drugs are required to enhance the rate of fertilization for the sterile women to have a safe pregnancy.

ovarian drilling cost

Risks of ovarian drilling to the sterile women

Sterile female becomes a major issue for the couple willing to start the new life after marriage. At very initial phase the sterile women are treated with medications such that they would very soon is able to be pregnant.  After the failure of medicine, the ovarian drilling is preferred. It is estimated that the 50% of infertile women would be pregnant only after ovarian drilling. Risk of the treatment includes- infection of the incision, bleeding from the incision, internal bleeding, adhesions or scarring inside the body, side-effects of anesthesia, pain after the procedure from inflating the abdomen with gas and etc.

Ovarian drilling cost: a suiting cost to your pocket which will come under your budget

Ovarian drilling cost is a suiting cost to the intending patient which will come under the pocket of the patient.  The cost of the treatment would never cross the limit of your expectations and budget.  The total of the charge of the treatment will be the sum of the charges as- the cost of the medicines, expert charge, bed charge of the hospital, equipment charge and all the required medical charges. Ovarian drilling cost will be the unbiased charge for every client irrespective of any other factors as political, amount of money in your hand. The cost of the treatment is very nominal that the treatment can be afforded by even female who earns below the least pay scale. The amount for the treatment can be managed on your own.  The treatment will approximately cost Rs 6, 000 (85 US dollar) to the best-recommended centre which will surely guarantee your success.  

The marginal cost of the treatment will secure your budget and increase your satisfaction

Ovarian drilling cost is the marginal cost of the treatment which will secure your budget and increase your satisfaction with the result of the treatment. The success rate of the treatment will also depend upon the BMI of the female.  The patient should be sure about no variation in cost with the change of time. This cost of the treatment is least thus no financial support is needed; you can manage on your own. This is only the treatment which is cost-effective to the intending patient.