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February 23, 2024

How to Find the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi 2024?


A baby is the sunshine of each couple and at a certain age there is indeed the requirement of adding a new member in the family who will call Mother and Father to them. This is undeniably necessary too to have a baby at appropriate age. Appropriate age here refers the epoch of the couple till 35. Once the couple reaches 35, either the male partner or the female companion starts struggling to have a baby by the natural method.

This is because of sudden changes of fertility potential in the woman and the man. However, a couple may get fertility issue before the age of thirty-five too; how? The answer of this question cannot be explained by a single factor as there are so many underlying principles behind the individual fertility cause. One of the basic fertility issues behind the woman’s infertility is the quality of the eggs; woman’s egg plays special role in attaining the baby (in both – natural procedure or by the help of assisted reproductive technique). Equally the male companion medical component (semen containing sperms) is important to let the pregnancy happen.

The ratio of childless couple or infertility in India is too much not just in India but also across the globe. The couples who are unable to conceive and need guidance/assistance of an ART technique are undeniably many in the human race. But no need to worry! If you are getting issue in the conception and have been trying for the past one year, it is the time to knock the door of the fertility centre and fix the appointment with the expert (fertility).

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Now if you have been recommended for an IVF procedure (after complete investigation of the fertility level), the question arises how to find the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi? Isn’t it? Yes, the first and foremost question that occurs in the couple’s mind while planning for the fertility treatment (especially IVF) is to make a proper plan of the top running IVF clinics.

Choosing an IVF Centre in South Delhi is not at all a tedious work if you have been thinking this; what you have to become quick and smart finalizing the right IVF centre for the treatment. We all know that any of the fertility treatment is not all that much low-priced; it requires multiple procedure  and need sufficient time of the couple for a single IVF cycle (talking about IVF), and therefore the cost is not on bargain basement priced like at the rate of thousands! IVF touches the budget of two lakhs; this is the reason why the couple has to be very careful selecting the suitable IVF Centre in South Delhi for the treatment so as to get the decent success rate.

Factors that need to be considered choosing the best IVF Centre in South Delhi –

Often referred to as the test-tube baby technique, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a technique where conception is achieved outside the human’s body without requiring the aid of a human to effectuate fertilization and subsequently, pregnancy. It is the most advanced cost-effective method for couples who have stopped making attempts thinking that they would never be able to experience parenthood.

Best IVF Centre in South Delhi
Best IVF Centre in South Delhi

There are some considerable facts that a couple has to well thought-out picking the appropriate IVF Centre in South Delhi, such as the success rate, delivery rate via IVF, experience of the specialist and so on. We will take each figure in brief. 

There have been so many IVF centre opened around us that sometimes we get confused to be on a single and clear decision, here where we come – Select IVF India. You might be thinking about us, who we are and what we do, right? We are one of the leading fertility platforms providing all the fertility treatment at the authentic price; not just this, we serve the best fertility centres across the India and are famous for our success rate. So, if you get yourself stuck in any of the stage choosing the exact fertility clinic for the treatment, you can talk to our support team.

Factors that have to be focused by the couple seeking the IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in South Delhi –

  • Success rate –

A couple is required to ask about the success rate of the IVF at the specific IVF centre in South Delhi so as to know the delivery rate and how many successful live birth happened at the clinic. Success rate of an IVF (standard) can never be hundred percent or even eighty percent; an IVF success rate at the best IVF clinic always be in the range of 50-55% or maximum 60%. If any centre is promising you for the 80% success rate, be careful as it might not be authentic.

  • Specialist’s Experience –

It’s not always the doctor’s experience that matter, the know-how of the entire fertility team is also significant. You can ask (without any hesitation either directly to the fertility doctor or with the management team) about the years of handling the infertility cases. Make sure you don’t opt any junior fertility expert or apprentice. At the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi under Select IVF India, one finds the matchless treatment performed by the senior IVF expert.

  • The Clinic’s Infra –

Though it’s not the great factor, however matters a lot. That common statement ‘First Impression is the last impression’ isn’t it? When you visit the centre, make sure it is worth giving every single penny for the treatment – the success rate, the team, and of course the hygiene and the infra must sound decent.

  • The Cost must be logical –

This is the crucial component that decides the authenticity of any of the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi. The cost of the fertility treatment (especially advanced process), is not that easily payable, and requires a hard-earned money. Whether you are spending two or two lakhs, just make sure, it should be worth giving.

Best IVF Centre in South Delhi 2023
Best IVF Centre in South Delhi 2024

IVF (conventional) treatment costs approximate INR 1, 75,000 and it will vary on the basis of the fertility level. If the couple needs extra assistance (such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, LAH, PGD, IVF with donors and so on), the cost might go up to INR 3,75,000. So, choosing the IVF Centre in South Delhi, you have to ask about the proper break-down package of the IVF.

IVF Treatment Procedure at the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi –

Before deciding on the best IVF centre in South Delhi, it is imperative that you get familiar with the IVF process in order to find out whether it is the right treatment option for you.


The treatment of IVF begins with a consultation where the doctors check the current situation by collecting a blood sample and an ultrasound of the female patient. As per the quality of the eggs, the doctors suggest medication. Also, the male ones have to give their semen so that the gynecologist can understand the maturity and strangeness of semen. This step is the base of the IVF procedure as it helps to know the current situation which gives clarity for the infertility treatment.


The next step is ovarian stimulation. In this step, the female gets the stimulant drug which they have to inject into herself so that the ovary can produce stronger and more eggs. This step takes 8 to 13 days of the time period. And at this time women need to be careful with the timing of injections. Each injection needs to be injected at a specific time. As the purpose of the drug is to produce mature eggs and lack of time management will not give the right amount of drug to the eggs. During this time period, the female ones need to visit the hospital around 5 to 8 times. 


At the time eggs get matured the important step is Oocyte maturation. The oocyte maturation is completed by the fertilization process. After ovarian stimulation, when eggs get prepared at this time the doctors collect matured eggs from the ovary and store them on the cultural dish. Meanwhile, they asked for fresh sperm and separate good quality sperm. Further, keep both the eggs and sperm together on the cultural dish until they get changed into an embryo. The Oocyte maturation needs to be done between 34 to 36 hours after the last triggered injection.


Now, the last step of IVF treatment is embryo transfer. At the time when eggs get fertilized with the sperm and become embryos, the embryo transfer process comes. But before performing the step there will be 2 to 4 days after the doctors left it until it changes into a blastocyst. Now, the embryo will be transferred into a female uterus.

Best IVF Centre in South Delhi
Best IVF Centre in South Delhi

You can mark Full-Stop if you are seeking the Best IVF Centre in South Delhi –

If you are searching for a prominent fertility centre in the lavish south component of Delhi, then you can visit the best IVF clinics under the Select IVF India as fertility treatments with world-class quality and the services of certified fertility experts are offered here. We have a certified team of adroit fertility specialists having over 30 years of experience in providing effective IVF treatment. They use the latest technology and sophisticated equipment to implement different treatment procedures.

Our patients receive the benefit of getting high-quality fertility treatment and great infrastructural facilities, which otherwise are not given at such a low cost of treatment. We provide comprehensive care and 24*7 assistance to our patients and make sure that they get the best treatment experience and do not encounter major difficulties when receiving treatment at our top-notch fertility centre. Our team and staff members are always there to answer all your questions and inform you about all the important things happening in regard to your treatment.

Along with the aforementioned services, we are a world-renowned fertility clinic in south Delhi that works in liaison with well-qualified IVF specialists and other famous fertility hospitals or clinics. Select IVF India is the best IVF centre in South Delhi as we have a track record of providing several effective IVF treatments to couples who opt for us for their fertility treatment. Our success rates are significantly higher as compared to that of other fertility centers in India and for that matter, fertility hospitals of other developed nations. Therefore, international patients from all around the world choose India for their fertility tourism in the hope of achieving success in their IVF treatment.

Here is a List of The Best IVF Centre In South Delhi 2024:-

1. Select IVF

Select IVF
Select IVF

Select IVF is a leading fertility clinic dedicated to realizing the dreams of parenthood through cutting-edge assisted reproductive technologies. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Select IVF boasts a team of highly skilled fertility specialists, embryologists, and support staff.

With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced reproductive techniques, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, surrogacy, and genetic testing. Select IVF prioritizes individualized care, tailoring treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient or couple.

Emphasizing a patient-centric approach, the clinic focuses on transparency, compassionate support, and achieving optimal success rates. As a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of fertility challenges, Select IVF stands as a trusted partner on the journey to parenthood.

2. India IVF Fertility Clinic

India IVF Fertility Clinic stands as a pioneering institution in the realm of assisted reproductive technology, offering comprehensive and compassionate fertility care. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the clinic combines cutting-edge medical technology with a team of highly skilled fertility specialists.

With state-of-the-art facilities, India IVF provides a wide array of fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and egg donation. The clinic’s unwavering dedication to personalized patient care is evident in its tailored treatment plans, designed to address the unique needs of each individual or couple.

As a beacon of hope for those facing fertility challenges, India IVF Fertility Clinic continues to make significant strides in reproductive medicine, emphasizing both success rates and compassionate support throughout the fertility journey.

  • Website:-

3. Gaudium IVF Centre

Gaudium IVF
Gaudium IVF

Welcome to Gaudium IVF, where the journey to parenthood is marked by cutting-edge expertise, compassionate care, and unparalleled success. As a leading fertility clinic, Gaudium IVF is dedicated to transforming dreams into reality for couples facing challenges in conceiving.

Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled fertility specialists, Gaudium IVF offers a comprehensive range of assisted reproductive technologies. With a commitment to personalized care, the clinic employs advanced diagnostics and tailored treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Gaudium IVF’s success is not just measured in success rates but also in the countless fulfilled aspirations of families. Embark on your fertility journey with confidence at Gaudium IVF, where every step is guided by innovation, compassion, and the unwavering pursuit of creating miracles.

  • Website:-

4. Ferticity IVF


Ferticity IVF, a pioneering fertility center, stands at the forefront of reproductive healthcare, offering comprehensive and personalized solutions to individuals and couples navigating the journey of fertility.

With a commitment to excellence, Ferticity combines cutting-edge technology, experienced medical professionals, and compassionate care to provide world-class in vitro fertilization (IVF) services.

Boasting a stellar reputation for high success rates, Ferticity employs a patient-centric approach, tailoring treatment plans to meet unique needs. The clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with a team of dedicated specialists, ensure that each patient receives individualized care, fostering hope and confidence throughout their fertility experience.

Ferticity IVF emerges as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals toward the realization of their dreams of parenthood with expertise, empathy, and unwavering support.

  • Website:-

Table of IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi 2024

IVF treatments Cost of IVF treatments 
Basic IVF treatment Rs. 80,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with ICSI Rs. 2,00,000 to 3,50,000
IVF with FET Rs. 1,50,000 to 3,00,000
IVF with PESA, TESA, and TESE Rs. 2,50,000 to 5,00,000
IVF with sperm donor programs Rs. 1,00,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with egg donation Rs. 1,80,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with embryo donation Rs. 3,50,000 to 5,50,000
IVF with surrogacy Rs. 3,50,000 to 5,50,000
IVF with PGS/PGDRs. 1,50,000 to 2,50,000

What is the success rate IVF treatment provides?

IVF Success Rate
IVF Success Rate

The success rate of IVF in south Delhi is described below and all the different situations have been mentioned. The success rate depends on the ones as per the challenges they are facing. If it can be cured with the help of medication then the couples will get a high success rate. It is recommended that for better information regarding your infertility problem consult with your doctor who will tell you the success rate as per your complication. 

No.IVF treatmentsSuccess rates
a.        IVF with self-eggs50 to 60%
b.       IVF with self-sperm55 to 60%
c.        IVF with donor eggs70 to 75%
d.       IVF with donor sperm73 to 77%
e.       IVF with FET60 to 65%
f.         IVF with ICSI50 to 65%

Your success rate with IVF in south Delhi will still depend on several variables. Because some couples are older than others, this affects their odds. because producing healthy gametes becomes difficult as people age. Additionally, inadequate gametes during the IVF procedure can result in a failed IVF. So, for a successful outcome, you need healthy gametes. Instances include:

  1. Women who are 45 years or older have a 15–20% probability.
  2. Women who are 40 years or older have a 20–21% probability.
  3. Women who are 35 years or older have a 25–28% probability.
  4. Women who are 30 years or older have a 33–35% probability.
  5. Women who are 25 years or older have a 40–50% probability.

Table of Average Cost of IVF in Different areas of Delhi:

IVF in DelhiAverage Cost of IVF in Delhi
IVF treatment cost in Dwarka1 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Uttam Nagar1.2 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Janakpuri1.2 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Tilak Nagar1.4 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Rajouri Garden1.2 to 2.7 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Patel Nagar1 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Shadipur1.3 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Hauz Khas1 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in SultanPur Majra1.3 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Nilothi1.2 to 2.7 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Mundka1.2 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Hastsal1.3 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Fateh Pur Beri1.2 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in ChattarPur1 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Lajpat Nagar1 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Inderlok1.3 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Rithala1.5 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Kirti Nagar1.4 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in MOTI NAGAR1 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in TAGORE GARDEN1.2 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Delhi Cantonment1.3 to 2.8 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Mustafabad1.2 to 2.9 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Karawal Nagar1.4 to 3 lakh
IVF treatment cost in Burari1.2 to 2.9 lakh

What should you consider when selecting the top IVF clinic in south delhi?

We understand how difficult it becomes to select the best option for your infertility treatment but do not get tense as one of the best options is going to suggest to you where the patient collaborates with highly experienced and qualified doctors. The patient will find it comfortable as the staff will always stand by them away from all the quarries that come to their mind. We offer all types of infertility treatment so contact us today! To start, consider the following factors while selecting a location:

Best IVF Centre in South Delhi
Best IVF Centre in South Delhi

I. The patient-focused assistance of the centre

II. Professionals with extensive education and experience

III. Infrastructure that is well-built for maximum comfort and happiness

IV.  The entire medical staff treats you with respect

V.  Assists you throughout the entire process from the beginning

Vi. Offers transparent fees and processes

You have the option of choosing IVF for all of these! So, reach out to us at +91- 9899293903 | Email ID: [email protected]

The Bottom Line –

Infertility is one of the most common and prevalent health issues that most people think about. It is a reproductive health condition that thwarts the ability of a couple to successfully give birth to their own kid. Conception is easily attainable via natural means, but infertile couples find it difficult to get pregnant even after recurrent attempts of having sexual intercourse for a period of 12 months. However, infertility is no longer intractable owing to the technological advancements and expertise of skilled fertility experts. IVF is an assisted reproductive technique and a method of treating the cause of infertility in childless couples. We at Select IVF India, provide IVF treatment with the assistance of highly qualified fertility experts at the Best IVF centre in South Delhi.

IVF is a gleam of hope to those infertile couples who are willing to go to any extent (as long as it is legal) to achieve their dream of parenthood. It is the most famous fertility treatment in which a mother is given the facility to attain pregnancy other than natural means; by making fertilization achievable in a lab environment, thus skipping the natural stages of acquiring pregnancy naturally and making certain the chances of conception.

At Select IVF India, we are widely known as the best IVF centre in South Delhi due to the higher chances of pregnancy that we provide to our patients. We have the best fertility experts and IVF specialists who have the testament of providing the finest quality fertility treatments to the patients who pick us for their fertility journey. Besides the high-quality treatment, our low price of various treatments compels infertile patients to choose South Delhi for their infertility treatment. Having more queries related to fertility treatments or are still confused about where to pick the apt IVF Centre in South Delhi –do call us! We know solving the infertility matter is not that easy, but we promise once you get connected with us, it won’t be troublesome at all for you!

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    How long does 1 round of IVF take?

    An IVF cycle typically takes about 4-6 weeks, including stimulation of the ovaries, egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. However, the entire IVF process, including multiple cycles, can take several months to a year.

    Is there a weight limit for IVF?

    Weight is not a determining factor for eligibility for IVF treatment, however, having a BMI within a healthy range can improve the chances of success. Consultation with a fertility specialist is recommended to discuss individual circumstances and factors affecting fertility.

    How many rounds of IVF is normal?

    The number of rounds of IVF can vary for each individual, typically ranging from one to six rounds, and success rates improve with each subsequent round. The exact number of rounds needed depends on the underlying infertility causes and the age of the woman.

    How do I prepare my body for IVF?

    To prepare the body for IVF, it is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, regular exercise, reducing stress, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and getting enough sleep. Additionally, it is important to take the prescribed medications and attend all appointments with the doctor.

    Can I start IVF immediately?

    Starting IVF immediately may not be possible as there is usually a preparatory period and certain tests and evaluations required prior to beginning the treatment. It’s best to consult with an IVF specialist to determine the right timing for your individual situation.

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