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June 25, 2024

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking saves lives, offers new hope, and quick remedies for blood disorders.

Cord blood banking is the facility for the public which stores the umbilical cord blood for further use to secure the lives in pain. Cord blood is the blood left over the umbilical cord and placenta after the birth of a baby. Umbilical cord initially is the supplier of the blood and nutrients to a baby from mother.

The blood of the placenta and cord contains a sufficient amount of stem cells which are nowadays used as embryonic, bone marrow and other stem cell types. In the medical profession, it is a very recent invention albeit it is being practiced since 1990. Since the time, both private and public blood banks are known to be running.

The blood collected should be fresh such that it has to be stored for further use. Basically, two methods for the collection of blood is in practice-

  • Syringe method: The procedure is very similar to the blood test. After delivery when the umbilical cord is cut, a syringe is used to take out the blood from an umbilical cord.
  • Bag method: In the method, a clear sterilized medical bag is used to collect the blood. The umbilical cord itself is inserted to bag to elevate to collect blood.

Currently, the cord blood is used to treat 40 of the life-threatening diseases coming day by day.

    Cord blood banks provide life-saving treatments for otherwise untreatable, life-threatening diseases.

    Cord blood bank India do helps the many people in life-threatening diseases which really save the life of the patient. In India, we have few centres but it is sufficient for the need of the patient and is in the metro cities of the country such that the entire corner can be approachable by the victim. The umbilical cord blood plays an important role in treating blood and immune system related diseases, cancers, a blood disorder, and transplants variety of Paediatric disorders including leukemia, sickle cell diseases, and many other critical issues.  

    The victim approaching for the treatment should earlier visit the centre and approach for the cord blood. The blood which in very reality is a part of the waste can be useful for anybody else. But this part to be wasted is now utilized by the needy with the help of new and latest technology of medical science. Cord stem cells can form red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets this is the reason the cord blood are very useful and used to a number of critical diseases.

    Cord blood bank has now been the most for any of the best centres and hospitals as a number of critical cases can come to you. On the recommendation of the gynecologist, one should visit cord blood bank in India for the safe and well-preserved blood.

    Experience India’s top-quality cord blood banking for superior healthcare and future security.

    Cord blood banking India preserves the fresh blood in the best way such that it could benefit the victim in a best way. All the possible remedies are taken to preserve all the ingredients of the blood with high precautions.

    Pros and cons of cord blood banking in India: careful procedure selection required.

    Cord blood banking in India can be both beneficial and sometimes it may create the problem. Your baby blood from umbilical cord carries lot efficiencies to heal a number of critical diseases. Albeit the stem cells are immature but carry potential to make other needed cells.  The procedure has a high success rate if the family is suffering from serious genetically diseases one can store the blood for their own in a private blood bank. Storing your newborn’s umbilical cord blood will prevent then the supply of oxygen-rich blood for best development. Sometimes, the procedure might be serious to the newborn. There are some more complications but those really do not matter, it all depends on what your family demands? The so complications can be dealt out later smoothly in a slow race.  

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    Affordable cord blood banking ensures timely treatment and boosts your enthusiasm greatly.

    Cost of cord blood baking cannot be exactly determined; it may sometimes vary as per many rules and factors. The total of the amount for the collection of cord blood will be around 2,000 USD and the storage charge will be 200 USD. At our centre, we have the best-estimated price without any alteration.

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