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Fertility Treatment India

How the Fertility Treatment help the childless couples in conceiving a baby?

With the advancement in the medical science, there are various ways to help the childless couples with all kind all infertility issues and allow them to enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The Fertility Treatment is depending on the couple’s personal situation and the cause of infertility.

Fertility Treatment often includes the medications which help with hormones and ovulation and sometimes it is combined with minor surgical procedures. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) describes several kinds of fertility procedures which help the couple in conceiving an own baby. ART technology includes the procedures which make it easier for sperm to fertilize an egg, and help the egg implant in women uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment India 2020

What are the different types of the Fertility Treatments?

    The most commonly used Fertility Treatments are as follows:

    1. Intrauterine insemination (IUI): This is a simple Fertility Treatment in which the fertility expert will put the sperms directly into the women uterus which helps that only healthy sperms get closer to the women eggs.
    2. In vitro fertilization (IVF): The IVF is the most commonly used Fertility Treatment where the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the women ovaries and mix them together with the sperms of her husband and they will perform this procedure outside the women body but in the IVF laboratory.
    3. Ovulation Induction: This is the Fertility Treatment which involves taking the medications to induce ovulation by encouraging the women eggs to develop in her ovaries and be released. This will increase the chances of the conception through artificial insemination.
    4. Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT): This is the Fertility Treatment where the eggs and sperms or gametes are not fertilized outside the body. They will be placed together into the woman’s one of the fallopian tubes.
    5. Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT): This is the Fertility Treatment where the zygote will be placed into the woman’s one of the fallopian tube via laparoscopic surgery.
    6. Surrogacy: This is the Fertility Treatment which is useful for the men dealing with poor or low sperm count, men who do not have sperms available in his ejaculate etc. and women dealing with kidney disease or unable to carry the pregnancy in her own womb in such cases, the fertility expert will hire the surrogate mother who will carry the baby in her womb and after the baby birth she will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents.

    What will happen if Fertility Treatment fails?

    In case, the couple’s first Fertility Treatment cycle gets failed don’t assume that the future is bleak. There are many Fertility Treatments which need to be tried between three to six times before the couple can know if it’s going to be a success. The fertility expert will discuss with the couples what would be their next step after the negative pregnancy test.

    Most of the people think that if the first basic treatments fail, the next is the IVF. However, there are many variations of the Fertility Treatment before IVF is the next step. The fertility expert will examine the couple again and find out the causes for the first failed Fertility Treatment and accordingly, they will plan for the other best Fertility Treatment which helps the couple in conceiving their own baby.

    How can the people pay for their Fertility Treatments?

    The Fertility Treatment Cost for testing and treatment will depend on where the people reside, kind of insurance they have, and the availability of the fertility experts and clinics in the area where they reside.

    Most of the insurance companies in India cover the basic Fertility Treatment Cost for testing. The couple may or may not pay for their fertility treatments. The insurance coverage varies greatly; there are people for whom the Clomid medication is not covered whereas some people have the partial IVF treatment coverage.

    Clomid is a fertility drug which may cost around USD 50 for per cycle and this will increase according to the cycle required by the couples, whereas the injectable fertility drugs are expensive than Clomid and may cost several thousands of dollars to the couples. 

    On the other hand, the estimated Fertility Treatment Cost for IVF is around USD 6,500 which includes the pre-existing expenses such as complete cycle of IVF/ICSI, egg and embryo pick-up, sperms preparation, airport pick-up, blood investigation for male and female, lab charges, fees of the fertility expert etc., however, this Fertility Treatment Cost will significantly increase in case, couple require more than basic IVF.