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January 9, 2023

How to increase sperm count and volume in 2023

How to increase sperm count and volume?

There may be some of the ways that how to increase sperm count and volume and these must be 5 in number which can be described in detail below.
  • Consuming the supplements relative to D- Aspartic Acid: – By the consumption of such supplements male testosterone should be increased which also increasing the male sex hormone assertions that is playing a vital role in male fertility increment.
  • Exercise on daily basis: – Exercise regularly is the best way to all the health relative issues and also helps in improving physical performance by making the body of the male partner physically fit in one way or the other.
  • Consumption of Vitamin C must be in enough quantity: – By intake of the components which increases the level of Vitamin C in the male’s body so to accrue the reduction of risk related to stress and tiredness and also helps in increasing the level of sperm count and mobility.
  • Minimizing the stress and keep the body in relaxing stage: – Sexual satisfaction should be reduced while the person is suffering from stress so in order to impair the fertility level the stress should be reduced to minimum level and also the stress should be on the down level in order to up level the fertility.
  • Consumption of Vitamin D must be in enough quantity: – Vitamin D is also the nutrient for the increment in testosterone levels in the male’s body in order to increase fertility and also increment in the sperm count and volume.

Medicine to increase sperm count

There must be basically two types of medicines to increase sperm count which can be assessed there with and can be described below in detail.
  • Intake of Puncture vine: – While getting intake of puncture vine which is the herb for increasing the male infertility level and having the low sperm count to be converting in high raised sperm count and also the person should be well aware with the risks and benefits relative to the consumption of the same.
  • Fenugreek intake: – Fenugreek as the medicinal herb should be taken with the aspiration to increase sexual power and also to accrue the consumption with the supplements relative to this.

Increase sperm count by food

The most basic food which is necessary for increase sperm count by food which are high in boosting the energy level in the male partner during the time of intercourse. The basic food rich in increasing the sperm count are Walnuts, wheat grains, bananas, dark chocolates, garlic, turmeric, broccoli and citrus fruits that are rich in the increment for increasing the sperm count and the sperms mobility in the male partner’s body that can be also increased through green leafy vegetables like Spinach and Kale which is also the rich source of the vitamins and helps in increasing the sperm count and volume in the male partner.

Fruits to increase sperm count and motility

Fruit to increase sperm count and motility is the most basic fruit which is rich in such kind of nutrients is the banana that is much more rich in accusing the treatment relative to infertility level to be accrue and assess for making the treatment rich and vital with all the components that are required in such aspect to be available in the single substance the banana which is rich with Vitamin D and also helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility up to the large invasive extent that accrued the basic scenario to be covered in such a quality fruit that accrue the healthy development of the body and sperms should be increased with effect from such progesterone which helps in increasing testosterone and helps in increment of the sperms and the motile level. Also Read This
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