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January 11, 2023

How to prepare for IVF?

Taking the plunge to experience IVF is not an easy decision, especially considering the complexities involved in the treatment process. It is an obvious fact that for an IVF to be successful more than one attempts are needed if you are infertility problems are too severe to be tracked by the single cycle of IVF.

However, it is not always necessary as most of the patients can get the coveted outcome in their first IVF shot if they undergo the treatment properly and effectively. If you are still doubtful on the thought of how to prepare for IVF and the results in your IVF, then the best way to cut-down the worry is to make improvements in your preparation for the IVF treatment.

The final results are not in your control and all you can do is best in the part that leads to the positive outcomes. To help ease down your stress, we have framed some tips that you can use for preparing better for IVF and increasing your chances of achieving healthy pregnancy with the help of the same.

prepare for IVF
prepare for IVF

Why preparing for IVF is a good thing?

Preparing for IVF can be the best option especially in cases where the couples have experienced repetitive IVF failures. Infertile couples who have faced issues conceiving in the past and are now looking for IVF, preparing for it is the best they can do to make the best of their IVF treatment experience.

IVF treatment fragments the process of fertilization into different pieces so that fertilization could be achieved more efficaciously. In the natural process of fertilization, the sperms have to pass through the various stages before they can fertilize the eggs. Couples with abnormal reproductive health encounter trouble at one or more steps of natural fertilization, and therefore, need the aid of IVF for encouraging fertilization.

Because of the different stages in IVF, it is important to prepare for the various steps so that each part of the process can be executed perfectly and you can get the best results in your treatment. For instance, you can try pre-IVF screening to assess the state of reproductive organs inside your body and make changes accordingly. Bettering the faults in your bodily health if not cure it completely, can help maximize the chances of attaining desired results in your IVF to a considerable extent.

Have a look at the process of IVF to get the idea of the treatment

To prepare for IVF like a pro, understanding the working of the IVF will give you a better direction. The conventional process of IVF required creating an embryo through a technical method of fertilization and transferring it to the mother’s uterus.

In the beginning, the mother is asked to take fertility medicines and other hormonal injections if required. The ovarian stimulation is essential to increase the production of eggs, as they are one of the main components that impact the results of an IVF treatment. Once the eggs hit maturity, which is monitored via ultrasounds, they are pulled out from the ovaries by performing egg retrieval.

Thereafter, the father provides his semen sample from where the doctor extracts the finest sperms to be used in the process of fertilization. The eggs are combined with the sperms and their fusion turns out in the shape of an embryo. The embryo thus formed is implanted into the mother’s womb through embryo transfer. At last, the mother attains pregnancy in 14 days if all goes well; her pregnancy is confirmed by blood tests and pregnancy tests.

Essential tips on how to prepare for IVF

How to prepare for IVF
How to prepare for IVF

Look after your reproductive health

Taking care of your health is of the utmost importance when it comes to success in IVF. All you need for good results in IVF is that one egg that can turn it into a healthy embryo. Therefore, ensuring the quality of your eggs is extremely and for that, you need to improve your health and eat all that is necessary for creating a desired fertile environment inside your body for IVF. For that, you are supposed to adopt some healthy habits such as eating nutrition-rich foods, exercising, and also, taking care of your mental health.

Get your health assessed

There are chances that it is not the first time you are going for IVF and you might have some major reproductive health issues that are stopping from getting pregnant with IVF. However, if it is your first getting your reproductive health assessed is advisable when you are thinking how to prepare for IVF  since IVF will not be helpful in having a baby if you have severe problems in your reproductive organs and need a medical correction for them before you go for IVF. Certain tests such as ovarian reserve testing, semen analysis test, and overall testing of your health is recommended for finding if IVF is the right option for you.

Make changes in your diet

The kind of foods that you eat has been deciding the quality of your health all your life. Therefore, keep a check on what you eat especially at this crucial time when you are preparing for IVF. It is suggested to quit any bad eating habits and start taking the nutrients that are actually going to aid in your IVF journey and are recommended by your fertility doctor to improve the quality of your certain health type. Try eating healthy food such as fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grains, lentils, lean protein, etc.

Take vitamin supplements

You can also take vitamin supplements apart from eating proteins and vitamins. A prenatal vitamin is recommended to patients trying to achieve pregnancy as it gives the necessary folic acid, which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. The prenatal supplement also helps in enhancing the quality of your eggs and assuring the best fertile environment inside your body. Also, take other vitamins and fish oil supplements.

Preparing mentally for IVF

Besides preparing on a bodily level, it is important to take care of your mental health because this is a long journey and you need to have the emotional resilience to come out of intricacies of the process. IVF is an uncertain endeavor but preparing yourself mentally for the process will help in creating the best results as it with a more positive and calm mind, you can get positive results. If you are high on stress, then start meditating or join yoga classes so that you can avoid unnecessary stress. Building a great emotional strength is critical so that you do not get bog down when faced with minor failures in the different stages of IVF.

Have a good sleep and exercise

The power of good sleep cannot be overlooked, and while you are doing other preparations for IVF, getting good sleep will improve the outcomes of other actions you are taking to get the best results in IVF. Also, exercise enough to keep your body fit but not as much that you cause damage to your reproductive organs. Exercising keeps your blood circulation effectively running and causes the stress to diminish from your body. Make sure that you follow all the mentioned steps and leave no room for improvement when preparing for IVF.

At Select IVF India, we have the best fertility specialists that can provide the relevant guidance if you are going for IVF and informs about the best steps to take if you want to experience success in your IVF. The fertility experts and IVF doctors associated with our medical travel agency have more than thirty years of experience in curing even the most complex infertility issues in couples. They make sure that you get the effective results and do not rest until success in your IVF is achieved. We have the highest success rates of IVF in India and our rates for the same are the lowest when contrasted with the other fertility clinics in India.

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