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Hysterectomy Cost India – How much does hysterectomy surgery cost in india

Hysterectomy Cost India – A reasonable procedure for the removal of women uterus

Hysterectomy Cost India is a reasonable procedure at all the network hospitals and clinics under Select IVF India, the medical tourism company for the women who are dealing with the cause of fibroids and require the removal of her uterus. The Hysterectomy Cost India is normally 80% less than the cost for the same performed in other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. The Cost of Hysterectomy in India is around USD 10,000 including all other expenses whereas the cost of the Hysterectomy performed with the same procedure will cost you between USD 20,000 to USD 25,000 in other developed countries. The reason behind offering the reasonable Hysterectomy Cost India is that the gynecologist in India does not want to make any profit out of the couple’s pocket. They wish that women live the healthy lives who all are dealing with chronic pelvic pain, heavy bleeding and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and the only option for them is the removal of the uterus to relief them from the pain.

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Why Hysterectomy Clinic India perform the Hysterectomy surgery?

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    The Hysterectomy Clinic India performs the Hysterectomy surgery for the following reasons:

    • Uterine Fibroids:This is one of the common benign (non- cancerous) tumors which grow in the muscles of women uterus. Most of the time the Hysterectomy Clinic India perform the hysterectomy due to the fibroids than any other uterus problem and it can also cause the heavy bleeding.
    • Endometriosis:This is the benign condition (non-cancerous) which can affect the women uterus and this is the second leading reason for hysterectomies. It occurs when the inside lining of the uterus is starting to grow on the outside of the women uterus or nearby other organs. This is a condition in which women experience painful menstrual periods, loss of fertility etc.
    • Cancer:This is a reason due to which about 10% of all the hysterectomies are performed. Endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, and ovaries or fallopian tubes cancer often requires the hysterectomy and this depends on the type of cancer. The Hysterectomy Clinic India also provides other types of treatments such as radiation or hormonal therapy to reduce the cause of cancer.
    • Uterine Prolapse:This is a benign condition in which the women uterus moves from the actual place down into the vagina. The uterine prolapse occurs due to weak or stretched pelvic tissues which can lead to the urinary problems and this can result in obesity, loss of estrogen after the monthly cycle or childbirth.
    • Hyperplasia:This occurs when the uterus lining becomes too thick which can cause the abnormal bleeding.

    Hysterectomy Treatment India

    For the Hysterectomy Treatment India, the professional will perform the Surgery and this of two types (i) open surgery and (ii) minimally invasive procedure

    (i)    Open Surgery:This is the most common approach for the Hysterectomy Treatment India and this is mainly performed on the abdominal. To perform an abdominal hysterectomy, the surgeon will make around 5-7 inch incision on your belly either up or down or side to side and after that, they will remove the uterus through this incision. After the Hysterectomy Treatment India, a woman needs to spend around 2 to 3 days at the hospital and then can go back home.

    (ii)    Minimally Invasive procedure:This is the Hysterectomy Treatment India where your surgeon will use the several approaches to perform it:

    • Laparoscopic hysterectomy:This is a procedure in which your surgeon uses the lighted camera laparoscope and surgical tools which will be inserted through several small cuts which your surgeon will make in your belly button and then your surgeon will perform the hysterectomy from outside your body, viewing the operation on a computer screen.
    • Vaginal hysterectomy:This is a Hysterectomy TreatmentIndia for the minimally invasive procedure where your surgeon will remove your uterus through the incision which he/she made in your vagina. The incision will be closed without leaving any visible scars.
    • Robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy:This procedure is same as the laparoscopic hysterectomy; however, in this procedure your surgeon will control a sophisticated robotic system of surgical tools from outside your body and this advanced technique of minimally invasive procedure will allow your surgeon to use his/her natural wrist movements and view the hysterectomy on a three-dimensional screen.
    • Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy: This is a Hysterectomy Treatment India for the minimally invasive procedure where your surgeon will use the laparoscopic surgical tools and remove your uterus through an incision in your vagina.