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June 7, 2024

IMSI Cost in Delhi

IMSI Cost Delhi – A reasonable procedure to treat the cause of infertility in couples

IMSI Cost Delhi ranges between USD 2500 to USD 3000 in addition to your ICSI treatment cost. This extra cost speaks to the utilization of the refined innovation and the extra time which is involved by our senior and experienced fertility professionals who perform the Intracytoplasmic morphologically chosen sperm injection (IMSI) with IVF. IMSI is an advanced procedure to ICSI where sperm tests are examined under a magnifying lens which is just about 6000 times more effective than typical ICSI magnifying lens which is around 200 times. IMSI is the best and reasonable procedure which chooses the best quality sperm, with no deformities, to inject into the patient, in this way enhancing the success rates of implantation and pregnancy.

IMSI Cost Delhi

IMSI Clinic Delhi – The best clinic to fight against the causes of infertility

    IMSI Clinic Delhi is the clinic which provides the best personal and medical care to all the people across the globe whosoever visit the IMSI Clinic Delhi for their infertility treatment. This clinic uses the latest and advanced procedure of ICSI which is IMSI to provide the best results which help the couples in conceiving their own baby. The fertility experts at IMSI Clinic Delhi support the couples throughout their journey until the couple will have their own health and disease-free baby.

    The people from across the globe prefer IMSI Clinic Delhi because here they get the world-class facilities and that too under one roof only. The fertility experts at IMSI Clinic Delhi treat all their patients as their own family members no matter from which corner of the world they may reside for them each couple is important and they give their 100% to achieve the best and highest success rates of the implantation and pregnancy.

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    Why IMSI Delhi procedure preferred over ICSI treatment?

    According to study, IMSI Delhi is a procedure which improves the pregnancy rates in some patients and following are some major reasons that why people prefer IMSI Delhi over ICSI treatment:

    • IMSI Delhi is a procedure where the use of higher magnification microscope will be done to access the sperm morphology.
    • With the help of the high power magnification, it becomes easy for the embryologist to identify the tiny defects in the sperm which is not possible in standard ICSI treatment.
    • IMSI Delhi is a procedure in which the selection of the sperms may improve the results for couples with failed embryos implantation, high level of DNA fragmentation, or abnormal sperm shape.

    IMSI Delhi is a procedure in which the high powered magnification microscope is used which is up to 6000 times faster than the standard ICSI treatment to examine the quality of the sperms. This magnified microscope allows the embryologist to detect any structural alterations and abnormality which is difficult to locate with conventional ICSI methods. This helps in selection of the quality sperms with most normal morphology for fertilization.

    IMSI Delhi is the best procedure which improves the chances of the IVF and can be used after several failed IVF cycles. This is the real-time method where the fertility expert will select the sperms prior the microinjection takes place.

    After your fertility expert will analyse the sperms under the advanced microscopes, which allow your biologists to see the internal morphology of sperm and treat the ones with abnormalities. This effective procedure will increase the chances of successful implantation of the pre-embryo and decrease the chances of the miscarriages.

    This new technology has increased the pregnancy success rates and now people across the world prefer to have IMSI over ICSI to have their own baby.

    According to study, there is not much difference in the pregnancy rates with ICSI and IMSI. The main difference in both the procedure is the delivery rate as female undergone for the IMSI Delhi procedure to deliver the life and defect free babies as compared to the ICSI treatment.

    IMSI Delhi is a procedure which also showed the highest success rates of the pregnancy for the couples who have opted for the IMSI procedure after the failed ICSI cycle rather than repeating the ICSI cycle.

    IMSI Delhi is an advanced technology which can identify the high quality of the sperms and it can stop the birth defects and pregnancy failures due to the sperm abnormalities. IMSI is a little time consuming and a complex procedure so it is better to check with your fertility expert that IMSI is a better procedure for them or not.

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