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How Much Does IVF Cost in Bangladesh

How Much Does IVF cost in Bangladesh

IVF is fully known as in Vitro Fertilization; it comes in ART technique. ART is the advance fertility treatment that includes productive and effective fertility treatment to disentangle infertility issue. Infertility is the disorder, which is caused by many factors that may be- Urban lifestyle, unhealthy diet, over or under weight, excess workout, addiction of drugs, drinking habit, stress etc. these all the points can affect individual’s ability of reproduction.

Some couples think that unnatural mode of reproducing or undergoing fertility treatment can affect baby’s health or the female reproductive organ; for those couples would like to give info that IVF is one of the trouble-free processes and is easily achieved by the crackerjack hands of the fertility experts of Bangladesh. If we talk about the kit or package of IVF then we will get to know that IVF Cost in Bangladesh is cost-effective and has marked down price comparing with other fertility centres.

A new hope for sterile couples

Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangladesh 2021 is based on decent package so that each sterile couple can go for this treatment without thinking too much. There are countless infertile couples who instead of having disorder of sterility or infertility unable to go for IVF treatment just because of its sky-scrapping cost, for these couples, IVF Centre in Bangladesh has presented a new and marked down package of IVF course of medication. Let’s discuss the cost of IVF in Bangladesh.

IVF Cost In Bangladesh 2020 - Select IVF Bangladesh

Basic IVF cost in Bangladesh

IVF Cost In Bangladesh 2020 - Select IVF Bangladesh

Get low Cost IVF in Bangladesh, while getting all the facilities and services from the best qualified and experienced experts. The IVF charges in Bangladesh are 250,000, conducting all the expenses factors together such as fertility medication, blood hormonal tests, ultrasound, checkups, and the rest of the IVF procedure. There is complete transparency in Bangladesh. No hidden cost nor any fake promise is given by the fertility experts of Bangladesh. IVF price in Bangladesh is estimated on the basis of the basic treatment of IVF, eggs, and sperm are collected from the sterile couple and after the fertilization (inside the lab) embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female partner to achieve pregnancy.

Advance IVF Cost in Bangladesh

In advance IVF fertility course of medication in Bangladesh, either donor sperm or donor egg is used. This case is applied when; female partner is unable to release healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization in IVF step, at this time egg donor is used for IVF where eggs  from donor and sperms from male partner is used. IVF Cost using donor egg in Bangladesh is USD 5000. When male partner can’t make the grade to produce motile and active sperm, this time donor sperm is used to facilitate fertilization process in IVF. IVF cost using donor sperm in Bangladesh is USD 3500.

Is there any speciality of IVF Centre in Bangladesh?

There is not a single point that depict Bangladesh is most suitable place to do IVF treatment, there are numerous facts that shows IVF is best performed in Bangladesh. Fertility experts in IVF Centre in Bangladesh are veteran in any of the case of sterility and are battle-scarred of each ART technique treatment. Bangladesh is known as one of the most preferred and selected place for treating sterility issue and have high success rate comparing with other IVF centres. It lays out marked down package of IVF therapeutics.

Best IVF Centre in Bangladesh

IVF Cost In Bangladesh 2020 - Select IVF Bangladesh

Best IVF centre in Bangladesh has all the fashionable techniques offered to eliminate sterility black mark from the couple’s life. One among the distinctive and uncommon points of IVF in Bangladesh is its high success rate. Within the treatment of IVF, usually success rate starts from 40% and ends with 50%, however in Bangladesh the success rate of this treatment is 60-75%. As we tend to all grasp that in IVF treatment, age plays very important role in obtaining high success rate. If the age of the woman is below 35 then IVF is likely to happen; if we say about success rate of IVF relying on t he age of the woman then, Females who are below thirty five, success rate of is 60-70%, those that are within the line of 35-37, have 55%-60% then on. The second most vital purpose that contributes in outcome of this treatment is that the expertise hands of fertility specialists. Best IVF centre in Bangladesh has crackerjack and have more than 25 years of experience fertility specialists. So, if you’re planning for IVF treatment then undoubtedly Best IVF centre in Bangladesh is right for you. Best of luck for the journey of your IVF treatment in Bangladesh.

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangladeshi Taka According To Cycle

IUI 31,000
PGD 23,0000
TESA 50,000
MESA 90,000

So, here was everything, which you need to know about updated IVF Cost in Bangladeshi Taka 2021, hope you have got that what you were looking for.