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January 11, 2023

Pregnant women should take care of these 5 things while fasting

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and females got this opportunity to feel this inexplicable pleasure of being pregnant. To carry an embryo till he/she becomes baby of the 9 months of duration in the womb of the female is actually unbelievable and breathtaking. Congrats, to those viewers who are going to become a parent soon or planning to. But there are many important points, which the future mom has to take care of herself and her baby in her pregnancy length of time. Ample questions come in the mind of the couple when it’s the day of fasting, what to do, will it be safe for baby or for the pregnant woman, how to cross the day of the fasting etc. Let’s discuss some key points when the woman is pregnant and is in fast.

She should be concerned with these five principal things in her fasting –

  1. Be mentally Prepared & keep positive vibes –Before doing fast, make sure that you have taken proper rest and well prepared to do the fast- emotionally and physically. Start taking plenty of water for a few days before the fast and have enough water on the day of fast as well. Water is one of the major factors to keep you hydrated and energetic during the entire day. Start your day with the positive and cheerful vibes so that the entire day will not be troublesome.
  1. Pregnant girls should not be overwhelming large amounts of caffeine anyway. But, if you’re addicted to drink coffee, then you should change your habit and instead of having coffee try to drink green tea a few days before the fast. One must notice a major decrease in a headache after drinking green tea. Additionally, a female instead of drinking coffee can adopt a routine to drink water.
  1. Don’t do overwork- Pregnant women who are conceiving second or third time in their life, have to prepare food for their kid, for them, they can ask help from their relative, husband, or neighbour. Continue standing or doing work in pregnancy duration in fasting may lead the women tired earlier, so it is recommended not to do overwork in fasting time. Try to take rest as much as possible.
  1. Most Important point of fasting for pregnant ladies is that before keeping fast, must consult with your fertility expert. Your fertility experts after looking your normal mode of pregnancy time and health check-up can easily say whether you can do fast or not. If your doctor says Yes to do fast, then again make sure you should be fully hydrated. Water plays vital and chief role in the development of your baby-to-be, so it is mandatory to have enough water.
  1. Don’t do fasting for long period in the time span of your pregnancy. To be in fast for a long duration will directly have an adverse impact of the fetus in your womb and your milk production if you are breastfeeding. Hence, it is advised to not to be in a fast for more than a day.
So, Yes! Stay Hydrated and make your baby-to-be hydrated on the day of your fast. One last point, if you are unable to do fast then there is nothing to be embarrassed with or to feel shy; after all main priority is right now you and your baby’s health. Read Also
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