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June 25, 2024

What is The PGD Treatment Cost in India

PGD Cost India – A reasonable cost to check the genetic disease

PGD Cost India is very reasonable and people of every class can easily afford it to identify the genetic disease in the couples so that the disease will not transfer to the baby born. The hospitals and clinics under the Select IVF, the medical tourism company will charge around USD 6,000 per embryo for the biopsy testing and you need to pay the PGD Cost India directly to the lab for performing the embryo testing. If you compare the PGD Cost India with any other developed countries than you will find huge variations in cost and find India is the best and reasonable country to have your baby genetic disease free.

The fertility experts at the hospitals and clinics under Select IVF, the medical tourism company offer the reasonable PGD Cost India because they wish to spread happiness among all the couples around the world and allow them to enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The cost of the treatment will not stop them to enjoy their parenthood; however, by offering the reasonable PGD Cost India does not mean that they compromise the quality or the success rates of the treatment. They offer the same international quality and success rates for taking the baby home and this is the reason they offer the reasonable PGD Cost India so that each individual can avail the benefits of the procedure.

    How PGD Clinic India perform the PGD treatment?

    Pgd cost in india 2020

    The fertility expert at PGD Clinic India performs the PGD treatment where the fertility expert will give her medicines to increase the fertility so that she will produce the more mature eggs in one cycle. After that, the fertility expert will extract the eggs surgically from the women ovaries and fertilize them with the sperm of the male member in the lab. After three days of the procedure, the 8-cell embryo will be developed and the fertility expert at the PGD Clinic India will check the embryo for the genetic disease. Once the proper screening of the embryos will complete your embryologist will implant the best and healthy embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. Any additional amount of the healthy embryo will be cryo-frozen for the future use.

    The fertility experts at PGD Clinic India will advise the PGD treatment to the following couples:

    • The couple who had multiple IVF failures.
    • The couple who had repeated history of miscarriages.
    • The couple with Chromosomal abnormalities.
    • Single gene disorder
    • The couple who had any previous chromosomal abnormal child.
    • The couple with growing age
    • Unexplained cause of infertility.
    • Repeated IVF failures while implanting the embryos.

    What is PGD India?

    PGD stands for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and this is performed to give the couple the genetically healthy baby. The fertility experts at the network hospitals and clinics under Select IVF, the medical tourism company perform the PGD prior to your embryo transfer so that if there is any genetic disease linked with the couple will not transfer in the new-born. Generally, PGD India is a method which is used to identify the gender selection which is ban in many countries due to killing the baby girl in the womb; however, there are some advanced countries where the daughters are not killed in the womb, there the fertility expert disclose the gender of the baby to the couples.

    The success rates of the PGD India is quite high especially for the couples under the age of 35 years as more younger you are the chances of your successful pregnancy will increase, however, the fertility experts at the network hospitals and clinics under the Select IVF make the pregnancy possible for the couples with growing age as well by performing PGD India procedure. The age is not only the factors which decide your success rates. The other factors like your body weight, your health, your fertility etc. are the factors on which your success rates depend. If the women under the age of 40 years are healthy and fertile she can also have a health and genetic free baby by undergoing for the PGD India treatment.

    The main advantage of the PGD India treatment is that it reduces the chances of termination of pregnancy or abortion because the embryos are selected before the pregnancy which means only the healthy and best embryos are transferred into the women uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. This reduces the chances of miscarriages and the unused embryos can be stored for later use.

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