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June 12, 2024

Select IVF India Privacy Policy

At Select IVF India, providing you the finest quality fertility treatment and the best healthcare services is our utmost priority. Along with the world-class treatments, maintaining your information accurately and safeguarding your data is our other major concern as we respect your privacy. We have formulated our privacy policy bearing in mind the strictest privacy laws for the purpose of handling your personal information. Our fertility experts, surgeons, clinicians, and other staff members work conjointly to provide you effective fertility treatment. It is essential for us to have complete access to your relevant information to perform a comprehensive treatment and give you personalized care. You have the right to be acquainted with the type of personal information provided by you, various options for accessing the information provided, and the people to whom this information may be disclosed to. Our privacy policy elucidates all the relevant details that you should know. You are invited to ask any queries related to the details provided regarding the privacy of your personal information whenever required.

Information Collection

When you provide us information by submitting it to our website including your name, contact number, and email address it helps us in responding to your queries. We may also need additional information at times such as proving feedback, changing your email preferences, or updating other important data. We use relevant means to protect the information provided by you while it is in our possession. We collect your personal information only after receiving your consent or if it is absolutely necessary to attain the information for important activities such as giving you health services, contact you for giving important information and addressing accounts to you. This information may include your health information, medical history, ethnicity, account details, phone number, and other relevant information.

About the Handling of Personal Information

The main objective of handling your personal information is to provide you the most appropriate treatment. Our fertility experts and team members gather, keep, handle, and divulge your personal details with the aim of:

  • disclosing and exchanging your personal information inside the treatment staff
  • imparting the information to the concerned medical professionals
  • referring it to other fertility doctors, hospitals, clinics or health centres
  • mentioning your medical specimens to other outside laboratories for examination
  • billing and accounting the important documents such as medical insurance or private health insurance claims
  • administrating and controlling important practices such as general practice accreditation, quality assurance, market researches and maintaining well-versed records
  • incident handling and responding to complaints, and notifying our insurance providers of the important activities
  • disclosing the information for crucial legal requirements to other external parties in order to report specific diseases
  • divulging relevant information to our various service providers when it is essential to disclose it for managerial and administrative purposes
  • providing critical information to administrative staff, such as the personal details of egg or sperm donors with the purpose of updating it in our records that strictly adheres to the laws

Our team members may also need other unrelated information from your medical records for research and data analysis. Every so often we may send you information with reference to various operational and medical updates, and information about the different services and treatments offered by us, at any time you can choose to withdraw from receiving such notifications by contacting our staff. In case you ask us to send your personal information to some other hospital, clinic or country, then your personal information may be disclosed to the respective people of that hospital or country. We have strict security arrangements when it comes to safeguarding your data for managing important activities. Oftentimes, fertility treatments require the involvement of more than a single person, such as donors, male or female partner, or surrogate mother. It is our policy to disclose your personal information to the people you are undergoing the fertility treatment with, except you tell us not to do so.

Data Quality, Privacy, and Security

We take all corrective measures to make sure that the personal information we collect, keep, handle and disclose is complete, precise, up-to-date and applicable to the quality services that we provide. You can assist us in accurately maintaining our records by giving us the relevant and up-to-date information when we need to share it within our staff in papers or via encrypted emails. We may send your personal information to external authority using normal email if you ask us to do so. With us, your personal information is highly secured as we have strict security to protect your data from unauthorized access or exploitation.

Access and Correction

In some rare cases, you can have access to the personal information that we have in our records, partially or fully, or we can give direct access to a third party if you ask us to provide to other healthcare centres or hospitals. You may need to provide the request for such access in writing; you may incur additional charges if the nature of data to be accessed requires so. If you find any errors in the personal information provided by us, you can contact us directly for the purpose of correcting the incomplete or faulty information. It is in our policy to correct the errors and make the information accurate and up-to-date. However, we may not delete the information provided initially by you, complying with ethical clinical practices.

Records retention

We maintain our records in compliance with the strict regulations regarding the information of the donors, their gametes, eggs or embryos, their identity, offspring born, etc., up to a period of 30 years and ensure that the information remains intact and protect it from unethical exploitation. It is our policy to precisely maintain the medical records for a period of 30 years from the date of last treatment provided by us or the date of birth on which the child was born through our fertility treatment, whichever occurs later. Personal information that is no longer relevant to us or no longer serves any purpose is discarded from our records.


We ensure that our privacy policy strictly adheres to the rules and protect your information in a manner that you want it to be protected. However, if you have any doubts or complaints you can directly contact our team or doctors at any time.

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