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January 12, 2023

How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost In Pune 2023?

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Eagerly waiting to hold your baby and grip with a tight hug? If yes then you have reached a right place, where you can get all the facts and figures regarding the pregnancy problem and how to cope-with this hard times.  Well, we know these days would have been tough for you, but no worries, we have come up with that procedure/ treatment which gives a decent result eradicating the fertility issues.

Fertility problem, basically is divided into three types – mild, moderate and advanced; and as per the fertility issue of the individual, the actual treatment is prescribed by the fertility doctor at the best fertility centre in India. During this page, we are going to discuss about that place which has always been centre of attraction for so many reasons – its Pune and the fertility treatment which we are going to discuss right now is Test Tube Baby Treatment in Pune.

Test tube baby procedure is in a common term also known as IVF procedure, and meant to treat moderate to advanced fertility hiccups in male and female. The most interesting fact about this process is that this treatment also gets combined with other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique). Have you heard this term (ART) before? If yes then it’s awesome, so for a revision – ART or Assisted Reproductive Technique consists of fertility treatments that take account of so many infertility issues. Fertility issues such as – mild to severe endometriosis, poor egg quality, decrease AMH level solution (by choosing donor process), low mobility of the sperm, morphological unfit sperm, genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormality, and various other factors – are some infertility issues that usually seen in males and females when coming for their fertility treatment.

And surprisingly, IVF or say Test Tube Baby treatment is none other than that panacea which has the power of solving all the issues that has been mentioned above either by its own way ( standard process), or by using other advanced ART treatment (such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, LAH and so on). Isn’t it sounding miraculous?

True Test Tube Baby Treatment in Pune is the universal remedy eradicating any kind of infertility issues. However, if you are undergoing this treatment from the best fertility centre in Pune, there is not a single aspect that you should know rather there are many points with the purpose of you need to keep in your mind while hand-picking test –tube baby process. Factors such as how IVF works, is IVF only the option for your case, what would be the success rate if you will choose this treatment to have a baby, most important – the experience and number of IVF births by the specialist, and finally is Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune at the clinic authentic or not?

Ready to gather all the nitty-gritty detail of Test Tube Baby treatment; there we go –

Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune
Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune

Significant Information About The Test Tube Baby Treatment In Pune

Let’s start with some basics – what is test tube baby process and what is the actual Cost of Test Tube Baby in Pune at the top-notch fertility centres.

Test Tube Baby is one of the highly preferred fertility treatments getting to the bottom of infertility issue in males and females. We also refer Test tube baby as IVF treatment. Test Tube Baby involves four steps incorporating the medication footstep, following with the egg-pick up process, semen collection, fertilization and the last is embryo implantation – shorten procedure; right?  NO, a big no – IVF takes at least a month or may be more depending on the couple’s fertility case. The medication that takes place during the Test Tube baby process itself is for ten to fourteen days and then rest of the procedure. So, if you are really keen and looking for this solution, then the first thing which you require is time and patience. Why patience?

Again an explicit answer of above question – Test Tube Baby is undeniably the best treatment solving the infertility issues, but at the same time, it does not come up with the guaranteed result.  For this reason, one has to get prepared mentally for say yes or no result after the procedure. This case is not for all – if you have high quality eggs and quality sperm then the specialist might get hardly any issue. Keeping all the factors in the front aspect – healthy uterus, eggs quality and sperm motility, embryo health, and of course the age of the couple – matters a lot while giving the estimation of success  rate of the couple’s fertility case .

At the best fertility centres under Select IVF India, you will get an authentic Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune providing all the advanced amenities and best services to the couple during the treatment.

On an average, the success rate of Test Tube Baby treatment is 45-55% – this success rate is of standard procedure; on the other hand, the success rate of advanced test tube baby treatment is 55-75% (advanced here refer using other ART method).

We know you must be getting fervent to know the actual Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune at the best IVF centres – so let’s come to this point in the upcoming section.

Can I Get Reasonable Test Tube Baby Cost In Pune At Best Ivf Centres?

Of course yes! You can definitely get the genuine Cost of Test Tube Baby in Pune and the secret is that you can only find true and marginal test tube baby procedure at the best fertility centre.

Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune at the best fertility clinics under Select IVF India is INR 1, 75,000 to INR 1, 85,000 incorporating all the procedure such as medication, step by step plan of test tube baby till the pregnancy test.



  • Couple’s initial consultation

  • Oral Medication

  • Fertility medication or hormonal injections

  • Test tube baby cycle, where all the steps are included beginning from a woman’s medication till the embryo transfer –

  • Physical Assessment

  • Follicular Monitoring

  • Ultrasounds

  • Blood work

  • Lab Charges

  • Egg Retrieval step

  • Fertilization

  • Embryo transfer

INR 1,75,000 – 1,85,000

As per mentioned above, the Test Tube Baby treatment is divided into basic and advanced; the above cost is of standard way (the basic one). If you want to know the cost quotation of advanced treatment, then hope you don’t mind if it will get covered in the next part.

Difference Between The Cost Of Basic And Advanced Test Tube Baby Treatment In Pune

We hope you must be understanding the above written procedure and expenditure of the Test Tube Baby Treatment in Pune thoroughly. Let’s discuss something more about the advanced process and advanced Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune.

Advanced procedure of Test Tube baby is of many types; as per the report of the couple, the appropriate treatment is planned. Some advanced treatments of test tube baby in Pune are –

  • Test Tube Baby process with ICSI/ IMSI
  • Test tube baby with PICSI technique
  • Test Tube baby with donor procedure (egg/sperm/ embryo)
  • Test Tube baby with Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH )
  • Test tube baby with PGD technique
  • Test tube with Surgical Sperm Retrieval, and so on.

Even in surrogacy, Test tube baby process is used. With test tube baby method, the entire surrogacy could be accomplished.

Estimated advanced Cost of Test Tube Baby in Pune ranges from INR 2, 20,000 to INR 3, 75,000.  

Why there is so gap in the cost structure of basic and advanced test tube baby process? The price gap between the basic and the advanced test tube baby process is because of the additional method is used during the advanced fertility case of the couple.

Advanced Test tube baby Procedure  Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune
Test tube baby treatment with Donor EggINR 3,00,000
Test tube baby treatment with Donor SpermINR 2,10,000 – 2,20,000
Test tube baby Cost with LAHINR 2,00,000
Test tube baby with donor embryoINR 3,00,000
Test tube baby with IMSIINR 2,00,000
Cost of Donor eggINR 1,25,000
Cost of Donor spermINR 30,000 – 35,000
Test tube baby with ICSI/IMSI/PICSIINR 2,10,000 – INR 2,35,000
Test Tube baby with PGD techniqueINR 2,75,000 – 3,00,000

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    What is the success rate IVF treatment provides?

    Generally, the IVF treatment success rate relies on the age of the woman and so on the good quality of the eggs. Experience also matters a lot in having a decent success rate for IVF Pune. IVF in Pune performs this treatment with veteran hand specialists. IVF, somehow majorly depends upon the woman’s age (whose eggs are used), sperm motility and its production, and obviously crackerjack doctors. IVF Pune success rate of IVF treatment is 72-75%. If you are planning for IVF treatment to decipher your infertility issue, then must say, go for IVF treatment in Pune. Best of luck with your journey of IVF treatment.

    No.IVF treatmentsSuccess rates
    a.        IVF with self-eggs50 to 60%
    b.       IVF with self-sperm55 to 60%
    c.        IVF with donor eggs70 to 75%
    d.       IVF with donor sperm73 to 77%
    e.       IVF with FET60 to 65%
    f.         IVF with ICSI50 to 65%

    Your Success rate with IVF in Pune will still depend on several variables. Because some couples are older than others, this affects their odds. because producing healthy gametes becomes difficult as people age. Additionally, inadequate gametes during the IVF procedure can result in a failed IVF. So, for a successful outcome, you need healthy gametes. Instances include:

    1. Women who are 45 years or older have a 15–20% probability.
    2. Women who are 40 years or older have a 20–21% probability.
    3. Women who are 35 years or older have a 25–28% probability.
    4. Women who are 30 years or older have a 33–35% probability.
    5. Women who are 25 years or older have a 40–50% probability.

    What should you consider when selecting the top IVF clinic in Pune?

    We understand how difficult it becomes to select the best option for your infertility treatment but do not get tense as one of the best options is going to suggest to you where the patient collaborates with highly experienced and qualified doctors. The patient will find it comfortable as the staff will always stand by them away from all the quarries that come to their mind. We offer all types of infertility treatment so contact us today! To start, consider the following factors while selecting a location:

    i. The patient-focused assistance of the centre

    ii. Professionals with extensive education and experience

    iii. Infrastructure that is well-built for maximum comfort and happiness

    iv. The entire medical staff treats you with respect

    v. Assists you throughout the entire process from the beginning

    vi. Offers transparent fees and processes

    You have the option of choosing IVF for all of these! So, reach out to us at +91- 9899293903| Email ID: [email protected]

    Closing Lines –

    There we are at the bottom of the page; we hope you liked the information collecting the relevant information about Test Tube Baby Cost in Pune.

    Test tube baby treatment is one of the most effective fertility procedures fulfilling the desire of parenthood. If you are planning for the IVF treatment and seeking to choose the best clinic, then no worries you can choose the best fertility centres under Select IVF India – this fertility platform makes sure the couple receives unbeatable fertility treatment giving them the highest success rate.

    Having more queries? Don’t get confused – you can contact the support team of Select IVF India to get the possible solution!


    How much does IVF cost in Pune?

    The cost of IVF in Pune can range from approximately 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhs per cycle, depending on various factors such as the clinic, the experience of the doctor, and the specific treatments required.

    Which round of IVF is most successful?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as success rates vary depending on many factors, but generally, the first round of IVF has the highest success rate.

    What age is IVF most successful?

    IVF success rates decline with age, and women under 35 have the highest success rates. The success rate gradually decreases as the woman’s age increases, with a significant decline after age 40.

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