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January 4, 2023

What is the cost of egg donor in Argentina 2023?

What is the cost of egg donor in Argentina?  

Egg donor allows improving the chance of pregnancy for those infertile couples who have been struggling to have a baby even after trying assisted conception methods such as IVF. However, in many western and developed countries, the cost of an egg donor is quite high whereas the cost of egg donor in Argentina is affordable.

So if you are searching for the best quality donor egg then select IVF Argentina provides you excellent quality and fertile donor egg that would help you in avoiding any risk related to the poor quality of an egg.

Select IVF Cost Vs Indira IVF Cost Comparison

Select IVF Argentina is a reputed fertility centre with a high success rate of fertility treatments. The centre has tie-ups with well-known hospitals, egg donation clinics, and experienced fertility experts in Argentina. Select IVF Argentina provides everything under one roof to make a fertility treatment successful.

The cost of egg donor in Argentina starts from 2000 dollars. You can talk with select IVF Argentina’s coordinator on +91- 9899293903 to get more details about egg donors and the cost of egg donors in Argentina.

Who is an egg donor? – Do they have some special qualities?

An egg donor is a normal human being like us; she donates her egg for another couple with infertility to help them in conceiving through assisted conception methods. What makes her suitable for egg donation are her fertility and her eggs or ova ability to fertilize without complications. Here are the qualities of an egg donor:

  1. She must be Healthy.
  2. She must be super fertile.
  3. She should not be an alcoholic, chain-smoker, or drug addict as these unhealthy habits affect the quality of ova.
  4. She must be young because the quality of ova decreases with increasing age. Comparatively ova of a woman in her 20s are healthier and fertile than a woman in her mid and late thirties or above.
  5. She should not be suffering from a disease.
  6. She should not have any genetic disorder.

Who can be an egg donor for you?

An egg donor is a woman who donates her eggs to increase the chances of pregnancy for another couple through assisted conception methods. There are two types of egg donors available

  1. Known egg donor
  2. Agency/ Centre recruited egg donor

A known egg donor could be a sister, relative, friend, or a known person of the intended parents. Like other egg donors, they also need to pass the minimum eligibility criteria but in known egg donors there is a possibility that the egg donor can be paid or unpaid. It depends on the relation and understanding between the donor and the intended parents.

Agency/centre recruited egg donors are not known to the intended parents, they are recruited by the centre or agency to the couples with infertility. The recruited egg donors are paid. They need to pass the whole eligibility criteria and screening before egg donation.  

What you should ask while selecting an egg donor?

Taking assistance of donor egg is a difficult choice to make for a couple but it is necessary when a donor egg can give you a chance of your life to become a parent. Here is the list of questions that you must ask before selecting an egg donor.

  1. About the educational background of an egg donor
  2. About donor’s hobbies and interests
  3. About her profession
  4. About her lifestyle habits
  5. About her cultural background
  6. About the centre’s selection procedure of an egg donor
  7. About her physical attributes
  8. About her medical history

What is the egg donor selection process at select IVF Argentina?

 While selecting an egg donor who is going to decide the traits of your child and his/her health, it is important to know the overall selection process to ensure the good health of your child. At select IVF Argentina an egg donor has to undergo

  1. Medical screening
  2. Genetic screening
  3. Psychological screening.

Why is screening important? – Screening helps to decrease the chance of passing genetic defects to the baby, also passing diseases to the recipient. Screening is also important to check the donor’s emotional, psychological stability and health throughout the process. 

What is medical screening?

Medical screening includes a physical exam, pelvic exam, ultrasound, blood tests for hormone level. These factors help to evaluate the fertility through which an expert checks the egg production capacity of the ovaries of a donor.  A donor needs to pass all the tests to be eligible to donate eggs.  

What is genetic screening?

Genetic screening identifies the changes in genes, chromosomes, and protein through which a doctor figures out the possibility of genetic defect or condition or donor’s chances of passing the defect to the child.  In genetic screening or testing the expert looks for the changes in

  1. Chromosomes
  2. Genes
  3. Protein

What is psychological screening?

The major purpose of psychological screening or testing is to observe the donor’s behavior. Through tests and assessment, the expert observes the behavior pattern of the egg donor. The screening helps to measure the emotional status, motivation of an egg donor and to check that the woman has an understanding of physical risks, psychological risks, and legal things of egg donation.

How an egg donor increases the success rate of an assisted conception method?

When a woman ages the quality of her eggs decreases which is why a woman in her mid-thirties or above faces problems in conceiving through the natural conception method. In some cases, hormonal medicines may work but in many cases, the couples need to take the assistance of assisted conception methods such as IVF.

In IVF also, the intended mother may not be able to conceive with self eggs. In that situation, donor eggs could be beneficial to improve the chance of pregnancy. Donor eggs are from a super fertile woman who is young, healthy, and fertile. These facts help in avoiding the complications and barrier that was stopping the intended father sperm to fertilize the egg through IVF.  


An egg donor can bless the life of intended parents where the quality of the egg was working as a hindrance. A donor egg has the potential to be fertilized with healthy sperm easily. In many complicated situations, the help of a donor egg eases out all the issues. Taking the help of a donor egg could be a tough decision to make by the intended parents or couples with infertility but the outcome will be like you have always wanted – a baby.

Even though the child may be not genetically related to the intended mother, you can ask the center for an egg donor that has a similar appearance to you such as hair color, eye color, facial features, complexion, or so on. The centre will try to provide you an egg donor that will be closest to your description. When it comes to the cost of an egg donor in Argentina, it is quite affordable.

The cost of egg donor in Argentina is more than the sperm donor; the reason is the egg retrieval method and the whole process of egg donation. Select IVF Argentina provides you an economical cost of an egg donor in Argentina. 2000 dollars is the starting cost of egg donor in Argentina at select IVF.  

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    Will the baby have the DNA of an egg donor?

    In IVF with donor egg, the child will share the DNA with the egg donor but the egg donors are unbothered with the fact. You can ask the egg donation agency or center to recruit an egg donor which has a similar appearance to you.

    Who is the real mother of a donor egg baby?

    Donor shares a biological connection with the child but the real mother will be the intended mother. The egg donor will be just a donor.

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