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January 10, 2023

Cost of PICSI Treatment in Kolkata

Come down in the favour of PICSI Kolkata in reasonable cost

PICSI Kolkata is the advance form of ICSI technique and thus it increases the chance of being pregnant. PICSI is fully known as Physiological Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This is one of the matchless treatments to untwist the matter of male infertility. Male infertility could be of several types, one of the male infertility, which we are discussing now, is where male duo is unable to produce motile and active sperm.

PICSI is suitable for

  • Repeated unsuccessful IVF treatment or even ICSI
  • Quality of embryo is poor
  • Suffering from repeated miscarriage
  • Reduced sperm motility
  • Continuous implantation failure
During this technique, mature sperm is selected and directly injected into the egg received from the female partner. The step of choosing mature sperm is unique in PICSI Kolkata.  PICSI treatment has been proven as an effective medication for male infertility. Select IVF India is one of the foremost ART specialist clinics to give effective male infertility treatment all over India.

A far sensible cost of PICSI Cost Kolkata

PICSI treatment cost by PICSI Clinic Kolkata is very affordable and easily achievable by each infertile male duo. PICSI is always followed with ICSI technique, where a single and motile sperm is directly injected into the eggs for better fertilization. PICSI cost Kolkata is INR 2 lakh, this kit includes each and every fertility medication & drugs given to the female, egg retrieval procedure, and the step of PICSI Kolkata. Some fertility clinic offers PICSI treatment in much more high price than the cost offering Select IVF fertility clinic. So just go through each clinic’s success rate and the exact package of PICSI Kolkata in order to get clear and transparent view of the cost of PICSI treatment. Footprint of PICSI treatment by PICSI Clinic Kolkata
  • Since we know that PICSI is always followed by the mode of ICSI technique. At the initial level, for egg stimulation, female has to take fertility medications to supply more than a single egg. The follicles are monitored by ultra vaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal test.  Once these eggs are matured, are obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle for PICSI fertilization.
  • In PICSI, the professional uses natural substance ‘Hyaluronan’, Hyaluronan is a substance that surrounds the egg, and significantly contributes to the bond between the egg and so the sperm; Hyaluronan is found to be over the membrane that surrounds the egg. Entirely mature sperms are able to bond with hyaluronan, and thence performing higher fertilization and healthy embryo after fertilization with that sperm into the egg.
  • During PICSI treatment performed by PICSI Clinic Kolkata specialists, a natural substance known as ‘Hyaluronan’ is used. This is that substance, which surrounds the eggs and contributes the binding between the sperm with the eggs, thence separating the sperms, which are active, motile and mature.
Those sperms, which are mature enough easily bind with this natural substance.
  • Using Hyaluronan substance into the culture dish, sperms are kept so that mature sperm binds with this substance. Once the matured sperms get attached with hyaluronan, out of these, single sperm is injected into the eggs for better fertilization.
  • After injecting the mature sperms into the eggs, fertilization happens. Once fertilization occurs successfully, the fertilized egg soon referred as embryo (within 3-4 days of fertilization at the stage of blastocyst), two of the best embryo is hand-picked by the fertility specialist and carefully injected into the uterus of the female.

Go for PICSI Kolkata

Why PICSI is said the advance form of ICSI? It is because in ICSI treatment, a sperm is selected on the premise of their look and hence the possibility of ICSI fertilization is not that of PICSI. During PICSI Kolkata, there is high possibility of getting fine quality of embryos as matured sperm is only injected into the mature eggs. Success rate of PICSI by PICSI Clinic Kolkata is 60-65%. Hence, jump on the right decision if you are facing from male infertility and get resolved by PICSI technique to possess your embryo in a very fine condition and healthy quality. Read Also:
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