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June 14, 2024

What is The Cost of Surrogate Mother in Mumbai?

Hold your infant in your arms with the help of Surrogate mother in Mumbai-

Surrogacy, a short word but a long way process. Time and patience always needed by an individual to pursue his life, and surrogacy is all about Patience. What comes when you hear the word Surrogacy? 

A woman who carries your baby in her womb till nine month of successful pregnancy, Is it? Yes, Surrogacy is a process where three individuals play important role in the entire step; these are the intended couple, a surrogate and none other than our specialists who take care of the complete procedure of surrogacy.

Mumbai is the place where surrogacy has taken its own position. It is proved that where there is the question, there is the solution, and surrogacy is the ultimate band-aid of those couples who are seeking the best and a-1 solution to get rid of their infertility issue.

Now we will have a description of Surrogacy mother in Mumbai, as mentioned above, a surrogate mother plays vital role in the procedure of Surrogacy. 

Surrogate Mother Cost in Mumbai 2020

Surrogacy – a happy way to get your happiness

The entire story of surrogacy is dependent upon surrogate mother. Without the surrogate mother, surrogacy is impossible to achieve. Mumbai is a place where anything is easily achievable, and so you can go for your surrogacy procedure without thinking much. Surrogate mother in Mumbai has to qualify few screening tests conducted by Select IVF, one of the leading brands to entangle the issue of infertility. Select IVF not only disentangles sterility problems but also makes 100% efforts to get positive result from the treatment of any infertility matter. The first and most important factor of Surrogate mother Mumbai is her age. Actually, age always brings down the house of any infertility issue a crucial role. Let’s get to know the nuts & bolts of Surrogate mother in Mumbai.

Factors Influencing Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy costs vary due to factors like medical procedures, legal fees, surrogate compensation, and agency services. Understanding these influences is crucial for navigating the financial aspects of surrogacy.

Medical Considerations

Surrogacy involves a series of medical procedures that significantly contribute to the overall cost. The medical considerations encompass thorough screening and tests for both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. These screenings ensure that the surrogate is physically and mentally fit for the process and help identify any potential risks. Fertility treatments, such as IVF, also play a crucial role in surrogacy costs. The costs associated with medications, procedures, and medical consultations throughout the pregnancy journey are essential components to consider.

Legal Expenses

Navigating the legal landscape of Surrogacy in Mumbai involves various procedures and documentation. The total costs include court processes, other legal issues, including contracts and agreements between the intending parents and the surrogate. Important elements impacting the financial side of surrogacy are legal consulting costs, document preparation, and any unanticipated legal issues that may occur throughout the procedure. Understanding the legal framework is crucial to ensure a smooth and legally sound surrogacy journey.

Agency Fees

Surrogacy agencies play a pivotal role in facilitating the surrogacy process. Their fees cover a range of services, including matching intended parents with suitable surrogates, coordinating medical and legal aspects, and providing emotional support throughout the journey. Transparency necessitates an awareness of the breakdown of agency fees, which usually constitute a sizeable amount of the total cost. Prospective parents need to consider the agency’s reputation, success rates, and the comprehensiveness of services when evaluating the associated costs.

Miscellaneous Costs

Beyond medical, legal, and agency fees, there are additional miscellaneous costs that intended parents should be aware of. These could cover lodging and transport costs, particularly if the intended parents come from out of town. Living expenditures for surrogates, including accommodation, food, and transportation, should also be taken into account during the pregnancy. Understanding and budgeting for these miscellaneous costs contribute to a more accurate assessment of the total financial commitment involved in the surrogacy journey.

Cost of Surrogate Mother in Mumbai
Cost of Surrogate Mother in Mumbai

How to Choose Surrogate mother in Mumbai-

Before plumping for an appropriate candidate, each ART specialist clinics have to check the surrogates whether she is eligible to be a healthy surrogate or not. Few screening tests, which include hormonal tests, blood tests, reports of previous pregnancy etc., are performed by the clinics to select a fit and fine surrogate mother in Mumbai.  

  • Age of the surrogate must be in the line of 21-40
  • She should have pleasant personality
  • Must be physically fit & strong (enough to hold a baby in her womb till successful delivery)
  • She must be a mother of at least a single child (that means she must have had a baby without any complication during her pregnancy.
  • No repeated miscarriages supposed to be happen
  • Away from any addiction (includes- smoking, drinking or usage of any drugs)
  • There should not be any past record of severe disease e.g.- heart problems, BP issue etc)
  • A surrogate should not be the patient of depression
  • Supportive family of surrogate
  • No genetic disorder
  • Have qualified all the screening tests.
  • Disease like Hepatitis B or c, HIV should not be there.

These are some strict rules, which a surrogate required to qualify. If a woman meets the requirement of all above points, then that woman will be selected as a surrogate from the agency of surrogacy or ART proficient clinic.

Surrogate Mother in Mumbai
Surrogate Mother in Mumbai

Select IVF clinic provides all-embracing package for care of the Surrogate Mother Mumbai throughout the steps of the Surrogacy and focus to get rosy cheeked baby keeping safe to the surrogate mother as well, the entire procedure is completed. All medical check-ups, ultrasounds, tests, delivery of a baby from a surrogate is smoothly performed by the clinics. Some ART specialist clinics or agencies provides following options for stay of a surrogate-

  • At the house of her own if patient and clinic is happy with the cleanliness and hygiene
  • Home of surrogacy, where surrogates stays for her nine month of pregnancy (not counselled by clinic)
  • At the patient’s home – if they ought to thus need

When all the doors are closed, then Surrogacy is that golden chance for an infertile partner to change her status from a couple to a blissful parent. A surrogacy is a procedure, which is fulfilled by the IVF ART technique, where intended couple gives their own eggs and sperms to achieve fertilization by the process of IVF (in vitro fertilization). Even the cost of Surrogate mother in Mumbai is also up to the mark and affordable for those sterile couple who are planning to opt for surrogacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do legal regulations affect the overall expenses?

Legal regulations significantly impact surrogacy expenses. Compliance with legal requirements involves fees for consultations, document drafting, and court procedures. Adhering to the legal framework ensures a secure and smooth surrogacy journey but adds to the overall cost.

Can the intended parents choose the surrogate themselves?

Yes, intended parents typically have the opportunity to choose a surrogate. This process involves considerations such as medical history, personality compatibility, and legal aspects. However, agency-assisted matches are common to streamline the selection process.

What medical tests and treatments are included in the costs?

The costs generally cover comprehensive medical screenings, fertility tests, and the entire in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. Antenatal care, delivery expenses, and potential medical complications during pregnancy are also part of the medical costs.

What factors contribute to the success of surrogacy?

Success in surrogacy depends on various factors, including the health of the surrogate and intended parents, the quality of the IVF procedure, and the overall support system. Emotional well-being, communication, and a comprehensive understanding of the process contribute to success.

What legal steps are involved in the surrogacy process?

Legal steps involve drafting and reviewing contracts, court procedures to establish parental rights, and adherence to surrogacy regulations. Legal experts play a crucial role in guiding intended parents through these steps.

Are there any support systems for intended parents during the process?

Yes, surrogacy agencies often provide emotional and logistical support for intended parents. Support may include counseling, informational resources, and assistance in navigating the various aspects of the surrogacy journey.

How do international patients navigate surrogacy costs in Mumbai?

International patients often work closely with surrogacy agencies that specialize in assisting foreigners. These agencies help navigate legal requirements, provide language support, and offer guidance on cultural differences, ensuring a smooth process for international intended parents.

Are there any aftercare costs involved in the surrogacy process?

Aftercare costs may include post-delivery medical expenses for the surrogate and the newborn. These are outlined in the surrogacy agreement, and intended parents should be prepared for these potential additional expenses.

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