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June 5, 2024

Embryo Donation Cost in Delhi

Embryo donation cost Delhi: the really affordable cost for every sterile couple

Embryo donation cost Delhi is the affordable cost for every couple intended for infertility treatment and detected with the cause of sterility. Embryo donation cost will always come under your limit and pocket. Handling the infertility treatment with embryo donation would not be very tough for any middle-class earning people.  The cost of the treatment would lie between 600 to 1,000 USD. In Delhi, the cost of the treatment is very nominal and least as compared to other cities in India.  Embryo donation is also a mutual procedure between three parties as like egg and sperm donation. The cost of the treatment would be similar to everyone visiting our centre. The pre-estimation of the treatment would be handed to you at the time any patient visit to a centre for counselling. The total of the expenses would not vary from estimated such that the patient, family and third party would comfortably plan everything accordingly. Embryo donation cost Delhi binds up the total of the expenses at the time of the treatment; patient needn’t need to open pocket again and again. The estimated cost would include medication charge, expert’s expenses, operational charges, and all needed charges.

Embryo donation cost Delhi

Would never cross the pockets limit?

Embryo donation cost Delhi would never cross the limit and give you all the satisfaction the patient are needed with. At our centre, patients never feel hesitated to talk about the financial problems faced by the couple. We are always there to provide financial help to the needed candidate for their treatment. There are various discounts for you and your pocket.  Many couples do not approach for the treatment due to lack of amount the treatment needs, for such couples we had various opportunities and solutions. The cost would be a bit higher than other fertility treatment as both the egg donor and sperm donor are needed in this case. It is a tough job to search for both the donors but we have made the things easy, we arrange both the donors for the couple at a very appreciable price.  For frozen embryo transfer, the cost of treatment will be easy and the procedure would also be short as the fertilized embryo will be offered to you at the best price.  

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Embryo donation Delhi: advanced assisted reproduction methodology

Embryo donation Delhi is the advanced assisted reproduction methodology to freeze the embryo. Embryo donation is done for several purposes; it is sometimes done for the purpose of embryo freezing which is opted for the cases

  • Enhances the chance of fertilization in multiple failures of the IVF cycle
  • Ethical issues related to embryo disposal
  • In case any of the partners feel unsafe about future health

In case couple needs more eggs to be fertilized than natural then insisted methodology is adopted in the form of embryo donation.  Both of the members of a couple are screened medically to make sure they are in the best of their health. Sometimes embryo donation seems to be risky for the female members so be careful in the selection of the embryo. Basically, two types of egg donation programme are there

  • Frozen embryo donation: There are a number of a sterile couple struggling to be pregnant for a long time. These sterile couples go for IVF treatment and make the embryo out of their body. Typically 12 embryos are created at the time of fertilization of the gamete. But out of them, up to three embryos are implanted in the female uterus. Many of the couples choose to donate their remaining embryo to the couples searching the same and getting a problem to conceive.
  • Embryo creation: In many cases, couples face the problem of sterility when they are not eligible to produce healthy gametes for them but have a healthy uterus. They choose to opt both the sperm and egg donor for them and fertilize them which are further implanted to the intended uterus of your partner.

The success of the treatment varies from individual to individual and also the health of both the couple. Albeit of the least success rate of the treatment (16 to 20%), we have a record of every case of making successful.  Comparatively, the success rate of embryo donation finds to be least than the egg donation treatment.  The treatment also opts in the cases of a number of previous miscarriages.  It is the best alternative process of fertilization outside the body.

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