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June 5, 2024

Embryo donation in India

Thinking What? It’s the time to unfold your infertility matter by choosing Embryo donation India-

Have you ever donated something in your life, if yes, then you must have experienced mind boggling feeling after donating anything, Isn’t it? Anyways, donation always is a matter of utilitarian and helpful work, and that too donating an embryo is actually a heavy-duty work. Embryo donation in India is one of the most accepted procedures, which helps to build a family. About one out of ten couples suffer from infertility in India. If we will have the estimation of infertility in India, then according to the latest data we will get to know that 28 million people are suffering from this blot. Embryo donation can be termed as embryo adoption.

It’s not at all the matter of embarrassment or bashfulness when you face any difficulty in conceiving, instead of getting depressed, you should rush to the fertility clinics or hospitals and have your treatment in process. Let’s have some knowledge of Embryo donation in India, how it works, who is the well candidate for embryo donation etc.

Embryo donation India

What is Embryo donation-?

Embryo donation comes in the latest method of ART technique of adoption. This is the adoption process at the stage of the embryonic level. These embryos are preserved by the fertility clinics in a thawed situation. When an infertile couple undergo the procedure of IVF then it is possible to have excess embryos from the cycle of IVF treatment, then these embryos are frozen in the lab in the temperature of minus 196 degree Celsius by a process called ‘Vitrification’and when needed to any infertile couple, this embryo is transferred. In the procedure of embryo donation, an embryo is neither have any biological term with the infertile couple nor have any genetic bond.

When should go for Embryo donation?

  • You and/or your partner are unable to become parent by the natural cycle of pregnancy.
  • You and/or your partner are suffering from any kind of genetic disorder and do not want to pass it in the offspring, hence preferring embryo donation.
  • Recurrent IVF failures
  • Woman who cannot produce good quality of eggs
  • Woman with Endometriosis (this is the disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of uterus, termed as endometrium, grows outside the uterus)can easily go for embryo donation
  • Male those have azoospermia (no sperms in the ejaculation)
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Elderly women

Some points to become an embryo donor-

In the entire procedure of embryo donation, Embryo donor in India plays dominant role performing the whole step. Hence, Select IVF gives the best and pleasing personality donor to the one who wish to have their baby by embryo donation. Characteristics of highly desired embryo donor are-

  • Maternal age of egg donor in her IVF cycle must be below 38
  • Should not have any genetic disorder in the couple’s history

Should not have any history of sexually transmitted disease (STDs)

Embryos are generally achieved from-

In the process of IVF and ICSI method, young ladies usually manufacture several eggs and so several embryos. Hence in IVF, after fertilization generally more than one embryo is formed. By the consent of the actual parent, embryos are cryo-preserved or FROZEN at a temperature of -196 degree. One of the processes of embryo donation is done by this.

Secondly, the embryos are derived from donor’s eggs fertilized by anonymous donor sperms. Select IVF provides best egg donor in the process of embryo donation, who have been properly screened for infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS and conjointly medically tested for her fertility potential to modify to pick out the best egg donor for you. Egg donation in this clinic is anonymous and confidential, which means that the donor and the recipient would never get to know each other. Each embryo has to undergo in screening process.

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Success rate of embryo donation

Undeniably, success rate of embryo donation is high if compare with other fertility treatments. The reason behind it is crystal clear; embryo that is generally achieved by the process of IVF from other sterile couple in the step of embryo donation has much more success rate to become a baby because half of the process is already done and remaining of the process will be carried out by the recipient female’s womb. This is the unbeatable process especially for those women who are above 40 and can’t make the grade to have a whole nine yards family.

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