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January 11, 2023

How Does Smoking Affect Male Fertility?

Smoking and Male Fertility

As we all know, smoking is bad for health and its excessive consumption negatively impacts your sperm health and fertility. Smoking has proven to be a recurrent cause of both male and female factor infertility. A fertile male is the one who has a repository of healthy sperms with excellent quality. If in any way, the man has low sperm count or poor sperm motility, he will find it hard to make the woman pregnant and will eventually be tagged as infertile. Smoking is known as the major reason behind various ailments such as heart disease, cancers, and other major health issues and is also a major cause of male factor infertility.

The presence of toxins in cigarettes hampers the quality of the sperms and men with bad smoking habits are more likely to turn infertile than those who do not. The sperm produced by men who smoke have bad morphology and low motility. Sperm quality is the major factor that determines the probability of having a baby in the future. Smoking habits in male is frequently connected to low chances of success in IVF or other fertility treatment and the increased chances of miscarriage happening. So it is better to give up smoking if you wish to conceive as your sperm count will continue to decrease every time you smoke a cigarette.

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How smoking impacts your sperms?

Smoking definitely affects the quality of the sperms as it diminishes the content in the seminal fluid. The altered semen quantity leads to a low sperm count. In order to get pregnant, a normal couple has to have regular unprotected intercourse for six months to a year. But for a person who smokes, the possibility of attaining conception comes down to almost 50 % as compared to the couples who do not smoke.

It can also cause DNA fragmentation in the sperms whereby the sperms found in the seminal fluid are shattered, which leads to a reduction in male fertility. Smoking results in conditions such as oxidative stress, which is a condition where there is an unbalanced concentration of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. This causes disruption in the overall functioning of your body and leads to a decreased sperm count.

Smoking also causes erectile dysfunction, which is not directly linked to male fertility. However, if the man has erectile dysfunction, intercourse will be hard for him and as a result, pregnancy will not be easily attainable. The men who smoke have decreased sperm concentration that means the number of sperms found in the seminal fluid is low. It also reduces sperm motility, which refers to efficiency and speed with which the sperm travels to reach and penetrate the egg. Also, bad sperm morphology that means badly shaped sperms not effective at reaching the egg in order to effectuate fertilization. Thus, smoking causes various problems in the sperms and give rise to male infertility.

Abstain from Smoking for improved chances of conception

There is no concrete evidence to support the fact that smoking leads to infertility every time as it is not necessary that reduced seminal content always results in infertility. However, cigarettes contain cadmium, lead, and other components that tend to reduce male fertility. If you are thinking of undergoing fertility treatment, then it is advisable to quit smoking at least three months prior to the treatment as it takes about three months for healthy production of new and mature sperms. However, success in a fertility treatment is still not guaranteed even after you give up smoking. Abstaining for smoking is crucial in order to enhance your chances of conception whether naturally or with the aid of ART techniques.

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