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January 12, 2023

What is the cost of IVF in Saudi Arabia in 2023?

Saudi Arabia is the best place to find reasonable fertility treatments, although an information seeker won’t get enough detail about the cost of fertility treatments online because there are very few sites that provide exact and authentic chapter and verse associated to it. Here, we are providing each detail coupled with IVF cost in Saudi Arabia.

True! Select IVF Saudi Arabia introduces you the most affordable IVF treatment costs. The charge of IVF treatment is far affordable and comes in the budget of each individual’s pocket. The primary purpose of this article is to let all the information seekers know about the appropriate treatment cost of IVF.

Several inhabitants of Saudi Arabia live in the confusion that the cost of IVF is prohibitive and beyond their budget, but it’s not that. IVF cost Saudi Arabia varies on the patient’s infertility case. What does that mean? See, IVF is not a straightforward procedure; instead, it takes multiple steps to for completing a single cycle. And how it varies; IVF works separately when a couple – both male and female produce active sperms and healthy eggs, respectively during their IVF fertilisation step. However, IVF also is performed when any of the partners face advance infertility issue such as IVF with donor sperm, donor egg, and donor embryo etc. When different ART techniques are applied with IVF treatment, then the cost varies accordingly.

Cost of IVF in Saudi Arabia – Far Affordable and Reasonable –  

The Cost of IVF in Saudi Arabia is very reasonable which may be more or less suitable for each infertile couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving a baby naturally after having regular unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months and still not be able to conceive. The hospitals under Select IVF Saudi Arabia offer a reasonable cost of IVF so that each individual can afford the treatment and enjoy their parenthood happily with their baby.

The estimated IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia is around 15000-16000 SAR, which must be easily payable by any section of the society, whether they are rich or poor.

What’s the IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia for medications?

As the costs of IVF for standard medications are included in the IVF package at all the hospitals or clinics under Select IVF Saudi Arabia, however, if you need a stimulating injection, then it will cost you between 500 SAR. For Cetrotide dose, the cost will be between 700-800 SAR which is given for five days to stop your premature ovulation. The cost of HCG injections is around 90-95 SAR which is given to stimulate the eggs.

Some more medications are also there, such as vaginal pessaries, few tablets and injections, are given after woman’s egg retrieval for approximate three weeks – these costs 750-800 SAR.

So, all in all, the entire medication costs approximate 4500-5000 SAR.

Medication Cost during IVFCost in Saudi Riyal
Stimulation injection500 SAR
Cetrotide dose700-800 SAR
HCG injection90-95 SAR
Other medication costs750-800 SAR
The Entire Course of Medication during IVF5000 SAR

What’s the IVF Treatment Cost in Saudi Arabia using an egg donor?

The IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia using egg donor is around 29,000-30,000 SAR, and this is a little expensive then IVF as Dr. Neelam Bhise borrow the eggs from other young, fertile and healthy woman whose eggs will be fertilized with the sperm of intended father and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the intended mother. This procedure includes the cost of the IVF, charges of fertility expert and embryologist, egg pick-up, compensation of egg donor.

IVF treatment with donor eggsCost in Saudi Riyal
IVF with partner’s sperm and donor eggs (with all the medication and procedure of IVF)29,000-30,000 SAR

What’s the IVF Treatment Cost in Saudi Arabia using own eggs?

The IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia using own eggs at the hospitals under Select IVF Saudi Arabia is around 16000-17000 SAR. This is a procedure where Dr. Neelam Bhise will collect the eggs from woman ovaries and fix them together with the sperm of her husband to facilitate fertilisation. This entire procedure she will perform outside the woman body but in the IVF lab under specific circumstances. Once the fertilisation takes place, the embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into the uterus of the intended mother and will wait for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

You again need to visit for the pregnancy test at the hospitals or clinics under Select IVF Saudi Arabia, after two weeks of embryo transfer. If the results are positive, then Dr. Neelam Bhise, an IVF expert, will hand-over you to the gynaecologist and she will monitor you until the baby delivered. However, if, your pregnancy does not occur, then you can undergo for another IVF cycle, or you can opt for other assisted reproductive treatment to fulfil your dream of having an own baby.

IVF treatment with self-egg Cost in Saudi Riyal
IVF Treatment with couple’s eggs and sperms 

(with all the medication and procedure of IVF)

15000-16000 SAR

AT The End –

So, here we are at the end of the page delivering you the information about the cost of IVF in Saudi Arabia. As mentioned above, IVF if applied with different ART methodology, the total costs differ as per the case of the infertile patient’s treatment. However, if a couple undergoes their IVF with their medical component (eggs and sperms), then the cost of IVF will sum-up around 17000 SAR. This package includes all the price of medication and ovulation stimulation charge. We always offer clear and transparent cost structure to the patient and never hide any additional expense associated with the patients’ treatment.

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