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January 6, 2023

PCOD Diet Food Chart & Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

Indian PCOD Diet to manage PCOS / PCOD symptoms naturally

About PCOD PCOD is fully known as Polycystic Ovary Disorder, is a hormonal disorder, where a woman may suffer- Excess weight, Hair loss, Emotional stress, unable to conceive (due to cysts formation in the ovaries, irregular or missed menstruation cycle or heavy bleeding during periods, hair growth on the woman’s back, belly or may be chest. Generally, PCOD patient (more than 90% of the women suffering from PCOD) are over-weight or obese.  Let’s know the proper PCOD Diet tips and the chart, which every PCOD women have to follow.

PCOD Diet Chart for women

To follow the plan of PCOD Diet is more important than to have the diet structure, many of the women often visit the doctors and unable to maintain their own chart and at the end regret is the only option, which they do. Hence, it is better to be in the routine of the entire PCOD Diet food. Here is the Diet plan of PCOD of losing weight.
PCOD Diet Food Chart & Tips

PCOD Diet Food Chart & Tips

Breakfast and Mid-morning Snack PCOD Diet

Once you woke up, take either warm water or herbal tea, adding 10 soaked almonds (drink this without sugar added) During the breakfast, choose any of the following –
  • Idli with Sambhar (2 piece of Idli)
  • Banana and apple smoothie with flax seeds
  • One can have vegetable oats upma
  • A cup of millet porridge
  • Bread (white) toast with the slices of apple or banana
You can have 1 cup green tea in addition with Guava in the mid-morning snack.

During Lunch

You can choose one amongst any of the following in the lunch–
  • You can eat 2 chapattis with Paneer / Egg Curry / Chicken, in addition with Salads and curd
  • Chicken Soup and Vegetable Salad
  • Two whole wheat Chapatti with Pulse and curd and vegetable curd
  • Half cup brown rice with chicken breast with curd and vegetable salad
Note- Not to eat white rice in the lunch.

Evening Snack and Dinner

  • Fruit Salad ( not banana if you have already taken in the breakfast)
  • 1-2 eggs
  • One glass of buttermilk and a small bowl of sprout
  • Either tea or coffee (without adding sugar in it) plus you can take 2-3 fibre biscuits
Dinner (avoid potato)–
  • 1-2 Chapatti with Raita
  • Vegetable soup
  • Fruits
  • Grilled fish or Chicken with veggies (except potato)
Here is all about the proper PCOS Diet Chart for those women who are facing with the syndrome of PCOS/ PCOD. You can select any of the diet point keeping with the view whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

PCOD Diet Food- controls insulin levels & lose weight naturally

Given below a table, in which it has been mentioned that what food items should be said YES for PCOD Diet Food and which should be said NO.
Food that should be said Yes to intake Food that should be said No to have
Green Leafy Vegetables (since all green leafy vegetables are in low calories and high in Nutrients) High level Glycemic foods (like avoid potatoes, white rice, white rice,  sodas, packaged foods)
Fresh Fruits (such as water-melon and apples are helpful to reducing acne ) Dairy Products (Regular Consumption of milk increases testosterone, which leads PCOS symptoms worse)
Eat healthy fats & Omega-3 rich foods (Olive oil, Salmon, nuts, oily fish etc.) Avoid Bad fats (like white breads, Pastas, Burgers etc)
Organic Meat   Soy Products (It has been researched that consumption of soy products can delay ovulation process in women)
Tomatoes (tomatoes contain high lycopene and fruitful for PCOD patients) Over-consumption of Caffeine (drinking coffee once or max twice per day without sugar is beneficial for weight loss, but if consuming it as an addiction may interfere fertility related issue)
Eat Tofu, Chicken & fish Avoid or simply leave Alcohol. 

PCOD diet tips for those women who are seeking for the best info regarding it

Be attentive with your PCOD diet

It is one of the most significant factors that if you are facing PCOD issue, you have to think before eat anything. During this syndrome, you have to take care about the diet plan whatever you eat. We will discuss later on the PCOD diet chart and plan. It is also vital factor at what situation you are having your diet, for an instance some women often eats their food in front of TV or plugging in the ear-phones and listening the songs, this is the time she overeats without realizing the PCOD Diet.  So, nest time just be careful and focus on the plate and your food.

Do not over exert yourself:

During the days of your PCOS diet chart, you need to very balanced, like if the doctor has suggested to do workout or exercise, you don’t have to do physical activity day in and day out at the stretch. If you will start doing this, you are going to exert your body and this would possibly result as a negative outcome.

Say Yes to Protein:

It is recommended to intake protein and fibres in the diet plan of PCOD so that the woman may not feel weakness even if she eats less. Protein causes the women to feel enthusiastic and energetic so that she can easily cut the extra and unnecessary diet. This is the way, which undeniably is the best plan to reduce your weight.

Say Bye to Oily and fatty products

Yesss…This point is mandatory and is the most significant factor, which comes in PCOD Diet Tips. You have to avoid and leave those eatable items, which contains sugar, salt, refinery oils and fatty products. Some food items may cause you to put gain (avoid outside junk foods). Always keep in your mind that in the diet whatever you are eating, chew properly as it helps in the procedure of digestion. Select IVF is the leading fertility clinic, which resolves each and every fertility treatments in much more affordable and reasonable package. It is enriched with far excellent fertility specialists and highly co-ordinated Team. Here We end So, This was all about the information of PCOD Diet Tips and PCOD Diet foods; hope you all must have understood about the plan and structure of the diet. PCOD women have to be very attentive regarding their routine and diet. Follow above PCOD Diet to manage your symptoms of PCOS/ PCOD in a natural way and to lose your weight naturally.
PCOD Diet Food Chart & Tips

PCOD Diet Food Chart & Tips

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