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What Is the Average Surrogacy Cost in India in 2024? [In Indian Rupees]

Why is surrogacy in India the best to become parents?

Surrogacy is the best process for couples to become parents successfully. It provides a healthy baby in the intended parents’ arms. Surrogacy in India is legal that allows partners to have their biological child in their hands. It performs between a couple and a surrogate mother. The surrogacy cost in India is not an inexpensive process because a couple is opting for another woman’s womb. 

You must know the entire regulations and stages before starting the procedure. It will be a rollercoaster journey that can affect the couple and surrogate psychological conditions. Family is beautiful and well-formed if it is in the whole nine yards, yes! Without any shadow of a doubt, everyone wants to have a healthy and complete family. Of course, each couple wants to have safe and sound kith & kin. 

However, many couples in India cannot become parents for several reasons. That may be the reason behind their lifestyle, urban habits, smoking or drinking, excessive work-out, overweight, or less weight, etc. Various facts as to why some duos are incompetent to produce their baby; the term for this inefficiency is sterility. 

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Infertility is a hot water issue that has caused many couples’ lives trouble. You can have attention to India’s advanced and forefront techniques and solutions. In India, each problem has different cures, from mild to challenging. The surrogacy cost in India in 2024 is much more suitable than in developed countries. Partners must select the best surrogacy centre in India for the most affordable price and top-notch services. They can provide several assistances for reasonable charges. The SELECT IVF is a well-known destination for surrogacy in India. Only Indian couples facing severe infertility problems can select the process, and the Altruistic form is legal. 

The average cost of Surrogacy in India ranges from Rs 10, 00,000 to Rs. 15, 00,000. This variation in Surrogacy cost in India is due to different rules and regulations decided by fertility centres or Surrogacy clinics. Select IVF India offers a Surrogacy fee at the marginal and lowest cost. True! Select IVF India comes up with the best and most affordable price of surrogacy treatment at just INR 10 lakh.

How does surrogacy works in India? 

Not going to get off the point from the main topic, we are discussing infertility, its leading solution in India and its cost. Infertility can affect any couple as they cannot become pregnant. 

Many assisted reproductive methods can help in various conditions, but some couples do not get results. Surrogacy is the last option left before adoption to have a biological child. It provides maximum results in severe conditions as the intended mother has no conception possibility.

Surrogacy Cost in India
Surrogacy Cost in India

Although, Surrogacy in India functions as the healthy surrogate mother carrying the baby for another couple. It performs with the IVF process as the couple’s eggs and sperm will fertilize in the lab and implant into the surrogate womb for pregnancy results.

1. Gestational Surrogacy

It is the process in which the intended parent will give their eggs and sperm for fertilization. It will achieve IVF/ ICSI processes. The process involves placing the embryo into the surrogate mother uterus for a healthy pregnancy. In India, Gestational surrogacy is legal for Indian citizens. The couple must be facing severe infertility conditions that affect their pregnancy possibility. We will explain the surrogacy charge in India after some Gestational surrogacy points. Select IVF clinic in India offers the best surrogacy for those females who cannot become pregnant. The surrogacy cost in India 2024 depends on the partners’ conception procedures and methods required. 

2. Traditional Surrogacy

It’s the surrogacy where the surrogate mother uses her eggs, here fertilization occurs by the procedure of IUI, artificial insemination. Traditional surrogacy in India is illegal neither it has ever been popular or in much use, because the baby will be genetically related to the surrogate, at the same time she will be the gestational mother and surrogate mother of the child.

We will have an eye on the Surrogacy charge in India later crossing some of ABC’s points of Gestational Surrogacy. Select IVF clinic in India offers the best Surrogacy treatment and Surrogates for those females who are unable to hack pregnancy.

Surrogacy Cost in India
Surrogacy Cost in India 

Following are some essential brass tacks of Gestational Surrogacy –

  • Age in pregnancy plays a crucial role as females have crossed the limit of becoming mothers or holding the pregnancy can go for Gestational surrogates.
  • Women performing proper ovulation cycles but not having their uterus or uterus removed (due to certain diseases) make choices for Gestational Surrogacy.
  • Additionally, A female who has both ovaries and good quality eggs but the uterus has the problem that cannot carry the pregnancy.
  • A woman with severe health problems besides infertility, such as health disease or cancer, will require invasive treatments that affect her fertility. 
  • Chronic Reproductive loss
  • The couple has faced multiple miscarriages with assisted reproductive techniques. 

These are some points why Indians use Gestational Surrogacy to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Gestational surrogacy is a blessing for infertile females because in this surrogacy the genetic mother can bond with the baby better than in situations like adoption. Let’s know about Surrogacy fees in India. Surrogacy Cost in India is very

These are some points why Indians use Gestational surrogacy to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Gestational surrogacy is a blessing for infertile females because, in this surrogacy, the genetic mother can bond with the baby better than in situations like adoption. Let us know about Surrogacy fees in India. Surrogacy Cost in India is very reasonable and easily accessible by each infertile couple. The surrogacy price in India is approx INR 12 lakh. This Surrogacy package includes every procedure of the treatment as it covers doctor fees, legal fees, surrogate work up, antenatal care, delivery charges, surrogate compensation, egg donor, drugs and consumables, & IVF costs, etc. Select IVF does not demand any extra charges except this cost.

How will you choose a surrogate mother in India?

The surrogate mother cost in India highly affects overall procedure charges. Well, only altruistic form is legal in India. It means the couple can only have a surrogate mother from their family or friend. No compensation has allowed for a surrogate in India. 

The couple can provide them medical insurance or necessary accommodation till childbirth. Before selecting any woman as the surrogate mother for your child in India, you must confirm these points.

  • Surrogates must be within the age limit of 21-35
  • The woman has carried at least one healthy pregnancy with no repeated miscarriages.
  • Before choosing surrogates, their entire personal history, background, and family members’ history must look carefully.
  • The surrogate and her partner examine for infectious diseases like sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.
  • Pelvic Sonography and other tests for uterine receptivity will examine for achieving flying colors chances of pregnancy.
  • A financial and legal agreement or bond signed is before surrogacy.

These are the entire and complete fine points about Surrogacy and Surrogacy cost in India. Surrogacy is the pre-eminent solution for those females who have the issue to unscramble uterus problems and top above every detail, surrogacy price in India is comfortable on the pocketbook of each sterile duo who are outlining Surrogacy treatment in India. The surrogacy cost in India 2024 is INR 12 to 16 lakh (including all the medications, each procedure of IVF, care of the surrogate, etc.). Agree that it is not that cost-effective, but if we compare it with other countries, India is the only country offering the procedure at a highly reasonable cost. For couples looking for Surrogacy in India but cannot make up their mind because of higher charges, the loan is the best option for Gestational surrogacy.

Surrogacy Cost in Indian Rupees According To States & Cycle
Surrogacy Cost in India
Surrogacy Cost in India 




Rs. 11,93,000 to Rs. 19,45,000


Rs. 9,89,000 to Rs. 16,00,000


Rs. 10,80,000 to Rs. 17,60,000


Rs. 9,89,000 to Rs. 16,11,800


Rs. 10,45,650 to Rs. 20,00,000


Rs. 10,93,000 to Rs. 18,45,000


Rs. 9,11,000 to Rs. 14,85,000


Rs. 11,00,000 to Rs. 19,00,000

So, here was everything, which you need to know about the updated Surrogacy Cost in Indian Rupees 2024, hope you have got what you were looking for.

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    Is the surrogacy procedure in India only allowed for Indian citizens?

    Surrogacy law has undergone several changes over the past few years; not just in India, but many countries have imposed guidelines on surrogacy. The main reason behind the such strict rule was surrogates’ exploitation. The surrogates in some countries were being exploited, ill-treated, and given much less reimbursement for the entire procedure. There were some cases where the intended parents have the child after delivery, or the surrogate declined to submit the baby to the couple.

    Due to all such issue, some nation has made it illegal to perform the procedure. While some country has pronounced that if the couple wants surrogacy must qualify for the country’s eligibility. India is one of those countries that have not made illegal the surrogacy procedure. Yet, rules and regulations are present that follow by each couple seeking surrogacy in India. One few rules are the couple must be a citizen of India.

    How I can get the best result if I am choosing surrogacy in India?

    If you are looking for a surrogacy option in India and are eligible to choose this option to have a baby with the surrogate mother in India, then the first thing that comes in the way is how to choose the best surrogacy centre in India – as we all know that surrogacy is a bit expensive procedure that asks for ten to fifteen lakhs cost expenditure, hence it is mandatory for a couple to pick the authentic surrogacy centre for the treatment. Once you have settled on the reputed fertility clinic, more than half of the stress gets diminished.

    Surrogacy gives the highest success rate in terms of successful delivery and childbirth and is the best fertility treatment to solve the issue of infertility. Under the surrogacy centres of Select IVF India, one gets the best surrogacy treatment with 85-95% success results. There is a package of guaranteed surrogacy programs too.

    How can I get the best result through surrogacy in India?

    The first challenge is how to pick the best surrogacy centre in India if you are considering a surrogacy option and are eligible to do so to have a child with a surrogate mother in India.

    You must know that surrogacy is a bit expensive procedure that asks for INR 12 to INR 16 lakhs cost expenditure, hence it is mandatory for a couple to pick an authentic surrogacy centre for the process. Once you have settled on the reputed fertility clinic, more than half of the stress gets diminished.

    Surrogacy gives the highest success rate of successful delivery and childbirth and is the best fertility treatment to solve the issue of infertility. Under the surrogacy centres of Select IVF India, one gets the best surrogacy treatment with 85-95% success results. There is a package of guaranteed surrogacy programs too.

    I am not from India; can I undergo surrogacy under Select IVF India?

    You cannot have surrogacy in India, but other countries are available with the best facilities and affordable charges. We have several branches providing the best fertility services across the globe. We also offer surrogacy options abroad, such as Surrogacy in Ukraine, surrogacy in Georgia, Russia, Kenya, and so on (following the set of laws of the particular country). However, if you are seeking the surrogacy price in India in another country, that would not be possible. It is because; India has come up with a cheap and cheerful destination for so many medical options for individuals. On the other hand, the team of Select IVF India assures the couple to get the most accurate cost of the surrogacy procedure, whether in India or any other country.

    What is the local charge of surrogacy in India?

    The IVF uses the self-eggs of the intended mother to fertilize with the male sperm. It monitors and implants into the surrogate’s uterus. 

    The IVF, surrogate, and pregnancy costs are INR 12,00,000 to INR 16,00,000, including all the steps. However, if the surrogacy requires the donor egg, the charges would be increased – approx. INR 14,00,000 to INR 18,00,000 or maybe more depending on the clinic’s guidelines.

    The total surrogacy cost in India varies based on the type of surrogacy performed and what kind of additional services the specialist recommended to the couple.

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