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January 9, 2023

Can you conceive with endometriosis in India 2023?

Yes, it is possible that you can conceive with endometriosis, however, you may face some difficulties while conceiving. Your fertility issues depend on your age, your partner’s fertility, and how severe the endometriosis is. The people who face the challenges to conceive for them the hospitals under Select IVF India have surgery or fertility treatments like IVF which help the couples in conceiving their own baby.

How to make pregnancy possible with endometriosis?

To make your pregnancy possible with endometriosis Dr. Neelam Bhise at Select IVF India will start an evaluation of your hormones and other chemicals in your body. She will also perform some diagnostic tests like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and hysterosalpingography which help her to understand better what’s going on. The condition of endometriosis can be treated with fertility drugs, surgery, IVF, and other assisted reproductive technologies. They are a little expensive but will help to manage your condition with endometriosis. It is a very important and personal decision to choose pregnancy with endometriosis is a very personal and it depends on many factors, such as the severity of your disease and your age. These are the factors that can affect the quality and quantity of your eggs without any complications of endometriosis.

Can a woman be able to conceive with one tube and endometriosis?

As we all know that a woman has two fallopian tubes through which she is able to release the eggs, there are chances that the condition endometriosis can block one tube, but the other tube might be in proper working condition. In such cases, the chances of conception remain the same and it will not depend on the number of tubes that are working. If women are able to release a good amount of eggs with one tube, then her chances of pregnancy will remain the same as before. There are few cases where endometriosis might block one fallopian tube of women but the severity of it might be immense. This can be a condition where women need to opt for IVF to have a baby instead of going through a natural procedure.

Is there any risk associated while getting pregnant with endometriosis?

The women with the existing condition of endometriosis will be advised by Dr. Neelam Bhise not to pursue pregnancy as it can affect the development of the baby. The chances of complications in pregnancy will be highly increased due to the presence of endometriosis. Apart from facing pre-mature birth or miscarriage endometriosis can also result in extreme bleeding after delivery, displacement of the placenta, unexpected rupturing of the uterus, etc. You will be able to conceive successfully with the condition of endometriosis, however, you may face several challenges to taking the baby for the full term and delivering them successfully. The condition of endometriosis is quite complicated and it can affect a woman at any stage of her life. The fertility experts at Select IVF India will recommend certain lifestyle changes for endometriosis and infertility which can be effective for the time being and women are able to conceive a child successfully. Dr. Neelam Bhise will perform laparoscopic surgery and treat endometriosis to ensure a proper conception without any birth defects. Read Also:
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