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January 9, 2023

What is the Cost of IMSI Treatment in Mumbai

Marked down cost of IMSI treatment in Mumbai-

Have you ever thought or guessed that what the count of infertile males and females would be in India? One out of ten couples suffers from infertility issue in India. Poor lifestyle, addiction (of smoke, drink, or tobacco etc), stress, unhealthy routine, over or under weight etc. give birth to the disorder of infertility. When male partner is unable to facilitate the natural mode of fertilization then he is facing infertility disorder. To eliminate male sterility, several treatments and methods have been accepted; one of the advance and productive treatment to decipher this problem is IMSI treatment. IMSI Mumbai is the most popular technique to elucidate male infertility. Mumbai is famous for countless treatments and its cost-effective package. It goes with IMSI treatment as well, IMSI cost in Mumbai is easy to pay and under budget.

Peerless treatment to resolve male sterility in Mumbai-

IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic morphologically hand-picked sperm injection – it is a technique advised by your fertility consultants once sperms samples are extraordinarily low and have less motility or have abnormalities and that is why you are unable to perform natural fertilization. This method is carried with the procedure of IVF. IMSI Mumbai is a technique that uses a high-powered microscope with magnification up to 6000x to select the best and motile sperms for fertilization. The enlarged view of sperm increases the chances of insemination; the embryologist checks structural alterations and abnormality of the sperms via this technique, thus plumps for the motile and active sperms leaving abnormal and less motile sperm. This help to settle on the simplest and motile sperm for the fertilization, thus facilitating fertilization in additional laps of luxury. Select IVF brings the right treatment for finding male and feminine infertility; it never leaves in lurch the sterile partner and provides the appropriate fertility treatment to resolve this difficulty.

Who can plan for IMSI treatment Mumbai?

  • Very low count of sperms
  • Abnormal shape of sperms
  • Previous unsuccessful results of ICSI
  • Couples with unexplained infertility
  • Sperms demonstrating high degree of DNA fragmentation

IMSI treatment with IVF –As we all know the steps of IVF,

  • Fertility medicines are given to the feminine partner for the stimulation of ovaries in order to achieve multiple mature eggs.
  • Process of egg retrieval
  • Then By IMSI technique most fitted and highest quality sperm is hand-picked beneath high brilliant magnifier, once that most motile sperm is chosen, that sperm is directly injected into the egg (which was retrieved from feminine partner) therefore enhancing rate of implantation and fertilization.
  • Then embryologist can rummage around for signs of fertilisation the day once the sperm is injected into each egg. An embryo is also transferred at any stage from the second day to the sixth day once the initial procedure is performed.
  • After fertilization, one or two best quality of Embryo is transferred into the female uterus of the feminine partner for physiological condition.

IMSI Cost in Mumbai

IMSI cost in Mumbai is bearable and affordable by each sterile couple. Since, it is one of the most efficacious male infertility courses of medication; the package of this treatment is little elevated than IVF or ICSI technique. IMSI cost in Mumbai is INR 2,50,000; it is the combination of IVF with IMSI method; there is not any single bug, which is supposed to ask during the journey of IMSI treatment or after the course of this treatment. Select IVF is the fertility clinic that gives 100% satisfaction to the patient providing best and A-1 therapeutics of IMSI treatment. There are several clinics, which at the initial level of the consultation give fake promises and later on for each step of IMSI treatment demands for extra money by the patient, just be aware of such type of fraud clinics. Before selecting a suitable clinic, you need to go through each and every detail of the clinic and make sure that clinic has decent success rate.

Choose IMSI treatment in Mumbai at the drop of a hat

Numerous facts are there which proves IMSI Mumbai is unique compare with other fertility clinics. One of the most important points of it is IMSI Clinic Mumbai, this clinic is well-hygienic and has more than enough space to perform any treatments, it has separate rooms and highly co-ordinated team and last but not least, fertility experts are veteran and are crackerjack in their field. IMSI treatment Mumbai improves the chances of in vitro fertilization. Sperms are chosen before the microinjection takes place throughout this method. Once analyzing the sperms beneath advanced magnifier, the biologists are able to see the inside morphology of sperms and discard the sperms with abnormalities. IMSI is that fruitful technique that is mostly carried after one or two unsuccessful results of IVF. IMSI Mumbai is the most productive technique to elucidate male infertility. Success rate of IMSI treatment in Mumbai is 70-80% that’s over and higher than traditional IVF success rate. It is one of the ultimate and leading male infertility treatments in India, therefore if you’re coming up with for it then put off your tension mask and choose IMSI Mumbai. Read Also:
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