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June 14, 2024

What is The Cost of Surrogacy in Mumbai

Lucrative and worthwhile Cost of Surrogacy in Mumbai

Surrogacy as you all know that it’s an agreement between an intended couple and a woman (a surrogate) where a surrogate gives her consent to carry a baby for another couple. It&rsquo’s a lengthy and long-delayed process, which requires commitment and patience. Surrogacy cost in Mumbai is designed in a very decent package that anyone can afford it. Agree, that Surrogacy treatment cost is upmarket than other fertility treatments because here not only the surrogate play her role but also the intended couple go through the process of IVF method.

Surrogacy cost Mumbai is not a matter of an arm and a leg neither it’s too cost-effective, but yes, it is achievable by each sterile couple. So before going in the depth of Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai, would like to share some nuts and bolts of Surrogacy procedure in Mumbai.

Process of Surrogacy in Mumbai is trouble-free. Surrogacy is also done with the surrogate who is in a relation of the intended couple (may be cousin, or any other member who agrees to hold their baby in her womb); by that time the cost of surrogacy becomes less than the proper package of surrogacy. Surrogacy is done with the help of egg donor as well; egg donor is used by those couples where a female partner is unable to perform regular cycle of ovulation or have poor quality of eggs. When a male partner is unable to release healthy and motile sperms for fertilization, at this time surrogacy is completed with the sperm donor, which will be fertilized with the egg of the female intended mother. Surrogacy charges Mumbai varies in the type of surrogacy, which you want to go for.

    A Table Mentioning The Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

    Different types of surrogacy packageCost in INR
    Surrogacy using own eggs & own sperms10 lakh
    Surrogacy by donor eggs and own sperms10,25,000
    Charge of donor egg in surrogacy25,000
    Surrogacy with donor sperms and own eggs10,20,000
    Cost of donor sperm in surrogacy20,000
    Surrogacy achieved by intended couple’s interconnection (relative)2,70,000

    About the treatment-

    Gestational surrogacy is one of the most efficacious treatments and is chosen over other surrogacy methods. Without IVF technique, surrogacy is incomplete. During gestational surrogacy, eggs and sperms are collected from the female and male partner, mixing them altogether for natural fertilization. If the eggs are not of fine quality, which is received from the intended female, then by that time your fertility experts will advice to you to go for egg donor. Cost of each method of surrogacy has been mentioned above in the table. After fertilization, embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female and after nine month of successful pregnancy, delivery happens. Last step is giving a baby to the intended couple, and thus the procedure of surrogacy is completed. Select IVF resolves any issue in the field of infertility matter; it has been solving the questions and treating their basic root by offering the best and right course of medication to the sterile couple.

    Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai 2020

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    Some rules and eligibility criteria to pick out appropriate candidate for a surrogate-

    • A surrogate must be in a sound and healthy position
    • She must be in the age of 21-40
    • Pursuing stable life and has supportive family
    • Have decent knowledge of carrying a baby
    • Must have given birth to at least one child
    • Reports of delivery should not have any complication
    • Non smoker, drinker and away from usage of any drugs
    • Not be a patient of any severe disease

    Don’t wait anymore as the time is now-

    Above are some points, which a woman must have to qualify to become a surrogate mother. A surrogate has to go through some screening tests and check-ups as well. Definitely agree that surrogacy cost in Mumbai is not easy to afford by all the lower middle class family, not to worry as Loan is the end option for them. However, yes, if we compare other states package of surrogacy with Mumbai cost of surrogacy then we will get to know that Mumbai is the one who is providing surrogacy in far reasonable cost. So, here’s the story ends; these are all information about Surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

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