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June 14, 2024

What is the cost of test tube baby in India 2020?

Let’s gather complete details about Test Tube Baby Cost in India

Assisted Reproductive Technique is all we are going to read in this page but before coming to the main topic i.e. – Test Tube Baby Cost in India, let’s travel here and there to get ample knowledge about the basic journey of Test Tube Baby Treatment and why it is accepted as the Ruling Treatment to eradicate Infertility issue.

Do You know the other name of Test tube baby treatment? Guess! YES, IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the familiar name of Test tube baby. Test Tube Baby course is used to get rid of childlessness tag from an infertile couple’s days and takes the wind out of sails when the couple will have their own baby on their lap.

What is the basic process of Test Tube Baby Treatment in India?

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    Do you know that test tube baby treatment follows several procedures and on the basis of these processes, the Cost of Test Tube Baby in India fluctuates? Okay, if not, then a Big Yes for this question.

    Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost in India is affected by numerous factors. On the ground of patient’s infertility case, experts think which type of test tube baby or IVF method should be performed.

    The basic procedure of Test Tube Baby treatment allows the specialist to mix the eggs and sperms altogether on a culture dish that later creates an embryo. Initial step of this treatment is to stimulate female’s ovaries by providing fertility medications and hormonal injection (regular) for at least 12-14 days, once the eggs are fully matured and ready to pull out; the very next process is Egg Retrieval.

    During the egg collection or follicular aspiration method, a female has to undergo with minor surgical step, where the expert collects each egg from both of the ovaries. After this step, a female may experience slight cramp but this uneasiness will go by 7 days of egg collection process.

    May be on the same day or previous day of egg collection, semen sample is collected and by combining the sperms and retrieved eggs, fertilization happens.

    Fertilization is one of the crucial steps for the entire process of test tube baby treatment and almost the entire story revolves around this region only. Test Tube Baby Cost in India majorly depends on successful fertilization and the method or way of how fertilization is achieved.

    Okay, so once the female partner’s egg successfully fertilized with the sperm or can say, a sperm has easily reached into the cytoplasm of the egg, cell division soon will take place and so fertilization.

    On the 4th or 5th day of fertilization, embryo is put back into the recipient’s uterus for implantation and pregnancy.

    Implantation is when the embryo gets attached into the uterine wall and placed in the appropriate area, where the embryo without any hindrance develops. If the embryo gets affixed in the endometrial lining, the chance of pregnancy is high.

    NOTE – During this treatment, there is the possibility of twins because at the time of embryo transfer, experts choose max two healthy eggs (two embryos are hand-picked in order to eliminate any risk during implantation). Transferring more than two embryos is usually not considered by the fertility centre.

    At Select IVF India, a couple gets unsurpassed treatment to get their own baby via advance process of ART technique. Test Tube Baby Cost in India by this centre is based on a reasonable and affordable budget; the treatment cost by this centre has opened a Giant Door for needy couples too to get their IVF treatment done without any hurdles. Select IVF India introduces far excellence experts and veteran fertility team all through the way of fertility treatment, thus it comes up with the highest success rate of Test tube baby treatment.

    So, here the journey ends about basic definition and the procedure of Test Tube Baby Treatment in India.

    Let’s open a new chapter of Test Tube Baby treatment, this time we will learn what the basic Cost of Test Tube Baby Treatment in India and how many factors are there, which influence Test Tube Baby Cost in India.

    test tube baby cost in India 2020

    Why Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost differs?

    Since each individual has different biological process, each one possess different or may be sometime same issue in fertility. Some couple doesn’t even know what infertility is for them but some experiences heavy trouble in achieving their own baby naturally and that’s why they shift their plan to get pregnant by artificial techniques or ART methodology and here comes IVF or test tube baby.

    After knowing the exact cause of infertility, the treatment is planned and executed. Test tube baby never follows a single method for fertilization; there are n numbers of ART techniques that play an important role in pulling off successful fertilization.

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    test tube baby cost in India 2020

    Take an instance, a female is not capable to produce fertile or healthy eggs during test tube baby treatment, at this case, there is less possibility of a healthy fertilization, or say if fertilization happens then the embryo quality may not be that potential for implantation resultant miscarriage happens. To avoid this chances, a couple goes for test tube baby with donor egg and same is for men, if a man is unable to come up with average and motile sperm then there is the need of donor sperm with test tube baby treatment. Both of this methods influence the total Cost of Test Tube Baby in India.

    There are a number of advance techniques and surgical treatments, that work best for male infertility treatment, such as-

    1. Test tube baby treatment with ICSI
    2. Test tube baby treatment with PICSI
    3. Test tube baby treatment with IMSI
    4. Test tube baby with MESA technique
    5. Test tube baby treatment with TESA technique

    These are advance forms of ART technique and fruitful for a couple to have own baby. The above mentioned treatments have an effect on the Test tube baby treatment cost in India.

    Methods such as –

    • Test tube baby treatment with Donor Egg
    • Test tube baby treatment with donor sperm
    • Test tube baby treatment with donor embryo

    Also are some important variables of test tube baby cost in India.

    The Basic Test Tube Baby Cost in India

    What does basic sound here? Basic test tube baby treatment means that a couple is providing own eggs and sperms all through the way of treatment. There is neither need of special equipments nor any other ART techniques with this treatment.


    At Select IVF India, the basic cost of test tube baby in India is INR 1, 50,000- 1, 75,000 with all the medication included in it. There is not any additional or hidden charge except the package of this treatment. Fertility medications, hormonal injection and each step of test tube baby course are roped in this cost. Let’s see a clear structure of all the steps that come in basic IVF cost

    1. Initial consultation with specialist
    2. Ovary stimulation
    3. Regular hormonal injection
    4. Each follow up
    5. Ultrasounds and blood work
    6. Collection of eggs
    7. Fertilization
    8. Embryo transfer
    9. Post care

    The fertility coordinator of Select IVF centre always there for any need, requirement or enquiry throughout the treatment.

    All the steps of Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost in India entailed in just Rs. 1, 75,000.

    The Cost of Test Tube Baby in IndiaCost in Indian Rupees
    A Single Cycle of Test Tube Baby treatment in IndiaINR 1,75,000

    Advance Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost in India

    What is advance here? Well, Advance means that test tube baby treatment is combined with some other methods of ART technique, this combination of other ART technique is done because of the patient’s infertility case and to have productive result of the concern treatment.

    Test tube baby with donor egg, donor sperm, donor embryo, test tube baby with ICSI/ IMSI, other surgical methods- these are some of the most accepted advance treatment to carry out pregnancy.

    The Cost of Test Tube Baby Treatment with Donor Egg is INR 3 lakhs; this charge includes all the expense of donor’s stimulation and couple’s IVF steps.

    The Test Tube Baby Cost in India with donor sperm is INR 2, 10,000

    The Cost of Test Tube Baby treatment in India with donor embryo is INR 2.5 Lakhs.

    This table will give you more clear view of those significant factors that influence Test Tube Baby Cost in India. Let’s evaluate the cost of test tube baby cost in India with all the given factors.

    IVF Treatment with other advance techniquesCost in INR
    IVF treatment with Donor EggINR 3,00,000
    IVF treatment with Donor SpermINR 2,10,000-2,20,000
    Cost of Donor eggINR 1,25,000
    Cost of Donor spermINR 30,000-35,000
    IVF with donor embryoINR 2,50,000-3,00,000
    IVF with IMSIINR 2,00,000
    IVF Cost with LAHINR 2,00,000

    At the end –

    Do your research and make sure to choose right and authentic fertility centre for the course of your fertility treatment.  The Cost of Test Tube Baby in India is reasonable comparing with all other western counterparts such as USA, UK etc. and this is the main reason why international individuals get a move on in India for their treatment. Select IVF India is enriched with all the advance and latest techniques, equipments and methodology to achieve accomplishment via ART technique.

    Important aspects that a couple required to keep in their mind before choosing any ART fertility centre–

    • Clinic’s success rate
    • Is the doctor paying attention on your case
    • Infra and hygiene of the fertility centre
    • Live birth rate through test tube baby
    • Don’t shy while asking about fertility expert’s education and experience
    • Complete break-down about the Cost of test tube baby in India
    • The treatment decided for your fertility case

    Have a pleasant and safe journey of your fertility treatment!

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