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June 7, 2024

ICSI Treatment Cost In India 2024

How Much Does Icsi Treatment Cost In India? Authentic Price At The Best Fertility Centre In India –

It’s easy to categorize about male and female infertility issues; when a male is facing with the issue of impregnating his partner, the male is considered as infertile; on the other hand, if the female is not able to give birth by own (due to specific medical issues), means the female is facing with infertility hiccups. For both of the infertility problem, there are many solutions such as IUI treatment, IUI with donor sperm, IVF, IVF with ICSI, IVF with IMSI, and so on. During this page, we are going to talk about the most preferred and decent giving success rate of male infertility – ICSI Treatment in India.

ICSI is the acronym of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and is one amongst the most suggested and recommended male fertility treatment. ICSI is considered when the male has acute infertility issues and couldn’t get a positive result in the matter of conception.

Okay, so let’s get more in-depth about this treatment. Have you heard about the ART technique? If not, then, ART is entirely known as Assisted Reproductive Technology and consists of many reproductive solutions. ART treatment is suggested when the couple has been getting an unsuccessful outcome even after trying the basic fertility treatment such as IUI. ART consists of advanced fertility treatments; at the same time, it gives a high success rate compared to the basic treatment success rate.

ICSI Treatment Cost in India 2023
ICSI Treatment Cost in India 2023

One must know that ICSI is a fertilization technique and followed by the IVF procedure; in short, we also can say that ICSI follows the step of IVF too. ICSI is one of the advanced and productive methods to add more percentage in the overall result. If we talk about the ICSI Cost in India, then no need of worries as a couple gets the most reasonable price of their treatment at the best ICSI centres under the Select IVF India. ICSI is the unsurpassed option for the males who are experiencing the issue of either having low sperm count or less motility of the sperm. 

Many people get confused about the IVF and ICSI procedure; some thinks that ICSI costs too much because of being a more advanced procedure of IVF, while few assume that ICSI and IVF – both have same steps and follows a similar step. Undeniably, ICSI follows similar steps like IVF, beginning with the IVF process, where the first step is the ovulation stimulation of the woman, egg-retrieval process, then ICSI fertilization technique. Finally, the step of embryo transfer takes place. Both the treatments IVF and ICSI are the ART solution to put an end of the infertility issue, but if the male is having the issue of impregnating his partner, then the ICSI treatment will work best to give a possible result of the pregnancy.

The significant distinction between IVF and ICSI treatment is just a matter of bringing out the procedure of fertilization in a different way; the rest of all the steps are the same. India is well-known for several things is additionally known for the treatment to solve any of the matter related to infertility. ICSI treatment Clinic India offers the ICSI method at a very reasonable price. ICSI cost in India is affordable and based on a marked down the package.

One of the finest and distinct points between IVF and ICSI is the procedure of attaining the fertilization technique, apart from the fertilization mode; both the treatment follows the same footsteps.

Why Only India for the ICSI Procedure to Have a Child?

India – being one of the top destinations for so many things, is also famous for the fertility treatments by the abroad citizens. A couple can get various options to solve their infertility issues in India at an authentic expense. ICSI Cost in India is very reasonable at the best fertility clinics under the fertility agency of Select IVF India. The matter does not only concentrated around the cost or charge of the treatment, but also about its entire work procedure, such as – how ICSI is carried out, advanced equipment or apparatuses used throughout the treatment, is the clinic has a proper lab for the procedures, skilled and proficient fertility team, and so on – these are some best parts if we consider India for the fertility treatment. India has the best fertility centres providing the various options treating the couples’ fertility issues utilizing the ultra-modern equipment at the world-class infrastructure of the fertility lab.

ICSI Treatment India is the best fertility treatment for all those males, who are dealing with the cause of infertility and unable to conceive a baby naturally with fertile women. There could be many reasons behind the fertility issue in men, such as -low or poor sperm count, abnormal shape of semen, no sperm available in semen etc. To fight with these infertility issues, India has opened many best fertility centres for the couples. For the males, if the issue is advanced (or had already been with the basic fertility treatment like IUI), ICSI Treatment India, which helps the couple in conceiving their baby.

ICSI Treatment Cost in India 2023
ICSI Treatment Cost in India 2023

ICSI Treatment India is similar to IVF treatment; the only difference is the part of fertilization as in IVF the fertilization is performed outside the women body by mixing the women eggs with the men sperms. On the other hand, in ICSI, the fertility expert directly injects the mature and healthy single sperm into each egg of the women to facilitate the fertilization. The rest of the part of the ICSI procedure is same as in IVF where the woman is provided hormonal injections and ovulation induction medication to stimulate the ovaries. On the same day of the egg retrieval, the fertility expert will collect the sample of the men sperm; however, in case there is no sperm available in the men’s ejaculation, the fertility expert will extract the sperms surgically by using the two methods (i) percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or (ii) testicular sperm aspiration (TESA). In case, the fertility expert is failed to extract enough sperms by using these two methods; then they extract it by using the advanced technology which is Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).

Once the sperms are extracted, the fertility expert directly injects the single mature sperm into women egg to establish a successful pregnancy. The woman is required to visit the fertility centre for the pregnancy test within seven to ten days of the embryo transfer. ICSI method differs based on the fertilization mode comparing with the IVF treatment.

Select IVF India is the leading fertility platform that serves all the types of infertility treatment – basic and advance fertility options such as IUI, ovulation medication, IVF treatment, ICSI, IMI, PICSI, and so on. At the top ART clinics under Select IVF India, a couple can easily get the world-class treatment availing each advanced amenities at a reasonable cost.  Yes, this is true that the expense of advanced treatment is not that easy to pay as in the basic treatment, but this is for sure, that the couple won’t charge false for the treatment by any of our fertility clinic.

When a couple should consider ICSI treatment in India solving the infertility issue?

Circumstances within which ICSI will be fitly acted upon:

  • Men, who are producing low count of sperm(a case known as oligospermia)
  • Less motility of the man’s sperm (asthenozoospermia)
  • The sperms are morphologically unfit (teratozoospermia)
  • Multiple times of IVF failure due to sperm issues during the fertilization
  • Attempting multiple times of IUI technique without getting success
  • The senior fertility expert has suggested the couple to go for ICSI after analysing the semen assessment report

How Much Does ICSI Cost in India?

Coming about the subject matter of the ICSI Cost India, a couple must know that the cost of ICSI comprises all the steps beginning from the ovulation induction till placing of an embryo into mother’s womb.

The ICSI Treatment Cost in India including IVF procedure is around INR 1, 85,000 to INR 2, 00,000 and this will also include the cost of medications that require stimulating the ovaries which other developed countries do not include in their packages and the couple need to pay the cost of medications from their pocket, however, this cost will be increased in case the couple require the egg or sperm donor or surrogate mother for their treatment. The following are the inclusions and exclusion of the ICSI Treatment Cost in India:

The ICSI Cost in India incorporates –Medication required to stimulate the woman’s ovariesEach visit at the centre along with the consultationFertilization accomplished using the ICSI methodEmbryo transferAirport pick-up (if the couple is coming from abroad)Ultrasounds and blood hormonal testFertility lab and equipment chargesFertility expert feesThe ICSI Treatment Cost in India does not include –If couple wants to freeze the sperms then they need to pay extra.
Sperms retrieved surgically using advanced technology which is TESA, PESA or TESE. Freezing and storing the embryos for first year will not be covered under the ICSI Treatment Cost India.

On an average, ICSI Cost in India is around INR 1,85,000 to INR 2,00,000, comprising of –

  • Couple’s initial consultation
  • Woman undergoing the phase of fertility medication
  • Ultrasounds conducted throughout the fertility medication phase
  • Blood hormonal test
  • Egg-pick up procedure
  • ICSI fertilization procedure
  • Transferring healthy embryo

If the couple wants to choose the same fertility clinic for further steps – post embryo transfer procedure, the couple can go ahead without thinking much. However, that would cost additional. This ICSI Cost in India is very authentic and does not ask for any extra charges by the couple if they have decided to undergo the ICSI treatment.

ICSI Cost in IndiaCost in INRRemarks
ICSI procedureVisits and ConsultationFertility medicationHormonal injectionsTransvaginal UltrasoundBlood work/ testEgg-CollectionICSI fertilizationDay-care stay in the hospitalProfessional feesFertility lab chargesINR 1,85,000- INR 2,00,000The ICSI cost in India includes the overall step of IVF and ICSI fertilization.

There are certain things that need to be focussed by each couple planning for their ICSI treatment, and these are –

  • The very first thing a couple must look into a fertility centre is its success rate and delivery rate
  • How authentic the fertility centre is in the cost, success rate, and fertility team
  • Experience count of the fertility expert
  • Once you shortlist the fertility clinic, make sure you have fixed the appointment with the fertility expert so as to know few details – is the specialist focussing on your fertility issue and giving proper time and attention in your consultation
  • Are your queries getting solved by the centre’s coordinator easily?
  • If possible, do talk with the previous patients that have been undergone the advanced treatment from the particular clinic.

Once you get satisfied with all the things, clinic’s management system, success rate, and the ICSI Cost in India, go ahead with that fertility clinic.

ICSI Treatment India – A treatment that allows the male member to be a father of an own baby

India is a country which has become the most favoured nation for all the people across the globe to treat the causes of infertility. The fertility experts at the best fertility centre in India are well-qualified, and trained professionals with enough experience in the field of fertility management where they deal with the complex cases of infertility such as a couple with growing age where the chances of getting pregnant are less but the fertility experts at the best ICSI clinic in India make the pregnancy possible for the couple with growing age by giving the patient options suitable to their infertility case.

ICSI Cost in India is provided at a much more reasonable price to the couples comparing with any of the country’s fertility treatment cost. It is performed by the highly skilled and proficient fertility expert at the best fertility clinics under the top fertility centre India. During the ICSI, a single sperm is directly injected into the egg (after the woman’s ovary has retrieved the eggs) so as to facilitate fertilization soon. ICSI lets the fertilization step work faster compared to IVF, where the expert checks the culture of egg and sperm whether the fertilization happens successfully or not.

This technique was established to spread happiness among all the people across the world no matter which corner of the world the couple may reside. The best ART fertility clinics focus on maximizing the chances of a successful pregnancy by minimizing the cost of the treatment. The concern of the fertility expert at this clinic is that each individual on this planet will enjoy their parenthood happily with their baby and to achieve the successful results of the treatment, the fertility experts at the clinic will go beyond any limits to fulfil the dreams for infertile couples. Select IVF India makes sure each step of ICSI goes straightforward without facing any discomfort by neither the woman nor the man. We ensure the couple receives the best result and attain a successful result of pregnancy.

For further information on the subject of any of the fertility treatment, or its cost and the best fertility centre, one may reach to the support team of Select IVF India. We would be pleased to guide you further!

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