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January 9, 2023

Get Updated ICSI cost in the Philippines 2023

Before discussing ICSI in the Philippines in detail first we should have to understand the relative treatment as ICSI is basically relative with the malefactor sterility as we should know well that the sterility is not a disease but a genetic disorder in the hormones and can be treated with the artificial technique used by the experts in respect to this. ICSI process is basically dealt with treating the male factor sterility. ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the complementary treatment used while treating the infertile couple with IVF process. The process is being completed by using the single sperm of the male partner to be injected directly in the eggs of the female partner and then the fertilization process to be completed thereafter the mixing of both the components in the laboratory dish well. After the combination of both the components the next step is embryos formation and then the transferring of formed embryos in 3 to 5 days once the formation of embryo is done then after reaching the blastocyst stage, the embryos should be transferred to the uterus of the female in order to obtain the successful results which leads the pregnancy of the female that the female should be pregnant after the whole process to be done.
ICSI cost in the Philippines

ICSI cost in the Philippines

How is the process of ICSI done?

For doing the ICSI treatment in the Philippines, the sperms of the male partner is extracted directly out from the male’s testis by using the fine quality needle which is inserted in the male reproductive part in order to carry out the sperms from that part. After that, the process of IVF follows. According to the research, it follows that nearly in half of the cases of infertility ICSI with IVF is used and the rest is to be done alone as ICSI is to be considered as the best method in order to attain success in case of male sterility.
ICSI cost in the Philippines

ICSI cost in the Philippines

How much does ICSI cost in the Philippines?

ICSI cost in the Philippines is barely aviates around 100000 Php to 200000 Php on an average in the Philippines currency where the middle section couple facing such kind of issues can be invested such amount with an ease that is not a big amount at all to be invested for the couple who are in need of getting rid of from such kind of issues to be removed from the individual’s life at all and the individual can spend the life with an ease and peace with the blessed child as the rest of the life of the individual.
ICSI cost in the Philippines

ICSI cost in the Philippines

ICSI centre in the Philippines for an effective journey of childless couples ICSI centre in the Philippines is basically helping in fulfilling the dreams of the childless couples who wants the child of their own by hook or by crook as they are ready to invest any amount in front of their own child but with the effective facilitations that must be more or less needed for the couple as a whole in ascertaining the most accused scenario of the life. ICSI center in the Philippines is basically procuring the best and world class facilitations that must be allured in acknowledging the childless couples who went overseas in search of the best treatments with the usage of the latest and the advance technology that is more or less preventive in announcing the better treatments with world class facilitations and successful results and that too must be in most nominal amount that is invested by the couple with an ease.
ICSI cost in the Philippines

ICSI cost in the Philippines

Success rate with ICSI treatment in the Philippines

Success rate must be up and down as a possibility created with the numerous factors that are associated with the same like female’s age, reproduction condition or position of both male and female and the ability to conceive is the foremost issue with such an aspect. Success rate can be defined with the age of the female. A brief description in the form of the table with the success rate to be used with the female’s age is as under: –
Age of the female Percentage of live birth with the ICSI process
Less than 32 years 50%
32 years to 38 years 48%
38 years to 43 years 45%
43 years to 47 years 42%
47 years to 50 years 40%
Above 50 years 34%
  So in such a case relative to ICSI process, the age of the female is the top most factors that is assessed with the success of the ICSI treatment in the Philippines at our ICSI center in the Philippines and must be within the best and most reasonable ICSI cost in the Philippines. Read Also:  
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  • Tim Reddick

    Do you perform IUI at your facility?

    If so, what is the cost per treatment and how long a period of time must the couple be present at your facility per treatment?


    Tim Reddick

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