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January 5, 2023

Select IVF Georgia Centre 2023- Cost, Success Rates, Procedure

Now get rid of your infertility by choosing IVF in Georgia

IVF – an advance technique that treats infertility disorder; IVF Georgia is all famous around the world for its outstanding treatment. IVF in Georgia not only puts forth the best medication of infertility but also it gives the ultra-modern facilities to the patient. Let’s read inside the story of IVF Georgia like – what is IVF Georgia, why it is said A1 fertility treatment to solve infertility factor, when IVF Georgia is best applicable to the couple’s infertility case etc.

What is IVF Georgia?

IVF in Georgia is simply described as- impotency to get pregnant. True! When a male or female becomes impotent or loses their fertility potential to welcome the days of their parenthood, the couple has to go and seek best guidance or consultation from fertility expert. Select IVF Georgia is one of the leading healthcare companies that bring forth out-of-sight IVF treatment in Georgia. IVF Georgia is one of the globally accepted Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that usually gives favourable outcome of infertility factor. This procedure involves retrieving of the eggs and fertilizing the eggs with the male partner’s sperms (or donor if required with the infertility case).

Depending on the case of couple’s infertility, IVF in Georgia can use

  • Female’s egg and her partner’s sperm
  • Female’s egg and donor sperm
  • Donor egg and female partner’s sperm
  • IVF Georgia with donated embryo

Why IVF in Georgia is performed?

IVF treatment helps those couples who are unable to conceive by the natural fertilization. IVF Georgia as earlier said is one of the most preferred and accepted fertility medications to entangle infertility factor. IVF, although it is an advance ART technique and is performed to help the couple to get pregnant but it doesn’t help the couple to gain fertility permanently. If we compare the cost of other basic fertility treatment with IVF treatment, then no doubt, IVF in Georgia is found to be quite expensive but that’s Okay as it is the best procedure to say Yes for your parenthood.

Let’s read some of the infertility issues for which IVF Georgia is necessary

  • Women who have had blocked fallopian tube
  • Women facing with the issue of endometriosis
  • Individual with genetic or chromosomal disorder
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Premature ovarian failure, irregular ovulation
  • Reduced ovarian failure
IVF is also beneficial for male infertility cause, such as low sperm count, morphologically unfit sperm, sperm with less motility etc. – when this case occurs, then IVF with ICSI treatment is applied. During ICSI treatment, a single sperm is directly injected into the sperm that facilitates a healthy fertilization.

Steps during IVF treatment in Georgia

There are 4-5 steps in IVF Georgia; each step of IVF Georgia is best performed by the master hands of Select IVF fertility experts.
  • Medication to suppress natural cycle
  • Giving the fertility medication & hormonal drugs
  • Egg Retrieval process & semen collection
  • Fertilization of the sperm with the egg
  • Embryo transfer
During the first step of IVF Georgia, medication is given to the female to suppress her natural cycle, once the cycle is suppressed; the role of fertility medication and hormonal injection begins. This fertility medication stimulates female’s ovary that causes the formation of multiple eggs. Why to stimulate eggs? This is because, when eggs are obtained, it may happen that some of the eggs not be in fine condition to be carried forward for fertilization, hence to eliminate this risk, fertility expert needs multiple eggs. With the assistance of vaginal ultrasound, follicles are monitored carefully. Once the eggs are healthy enough to be retrieved, these eggs are assorted by using a hollow needle. On the same day of egg assortment, semen is also collected by the male partner (through ejaculation). By keeping these (eggs and sperms) in a single petri dish, fertilization process is done. Motile and active sperm penetrates the egg wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg, by this way fertilization is completed. This is the last step of IVF Georgia– on the 4th or 5th day of fertilization or at the stage of blastocyst; two of the healthy embryo is placed into the uterus of the female for implantation. This implantation involves inserting a thin tube- a catheter, into the female’s vagina, the embryo then placed into the uterus. If implantation (sticking the embryo at the right place into the endometrium) takes place, normal pregnancy soon occurs. A blood test will make sure about the pregnancy result. This is all about IVF in Georgia process and the chapter verse details of it. Read Also:
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