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January 6, 2023

IVF In Kolkata: IVF Success Rates, Cost, Procedure

IVF Kolkata- exclusive place where hopeless couples get charm of their life

What makes a family complete? A family is perfect when a mom, dad and their kid supposed to be there. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a couple is said to be blissful when they give birth to their own baby. Woefully, in India many couples are there, who are not able to perform natural cycle of fertilization thus not attaching the Parent tag in their life. Yes! Talking about Infertility here, Infertility is the disorder, under which a couple can’t hack natural pregnancy. Sterility is impossible to eliminate by its root; but there are numerous and effective treatment available to treat this disorder. One of the famous and well-known treatments to decipher infertility is IVF. IVF in Kolkata is A-1 fertility treatment to elucidate several issue related to natural pregnancy. Infertility in the past year was more common in females but nowadays males are also affected from this issue equally. IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization; this is the procedure, where sperms and eggs are collected from the couple and then after achieving fertilization, kept in the uterus of the female for carrying the pregnancy. The speciality of IVF is that the fertilization occurs outside the human body instead of the female uterus. Let’s gain some nuts and bolts of IVF Kolkata.

To whom IVF treatment is recommended

  • IVF treatment is preferred by those females who have their fallopian tube blocked or damaged
  • Individual with genetic disorder
  • Women experiencing improper ovulation cycle, premature ovulation failure, uterine fibroids
  • Reason of infertility is unexplained
  • Male factor infertility (includes low sperm count, less motility)
  • Fallopian tubes removed

Procedure of IVF Kolkata

IVF is not that simple procedure to be performed but fertility experts of IVF Kolkata give their 100% to make the entire step of IVF smooth and easy to perform. Select IVF is the platform, which satisfies each patient by providing the best fertility treatment and gifting permanent happiness to the couple. The initial stage of IVF treatment Kolkata is to provide fertility drugs and medication to the female partner in order to get multiple eggs at the time of collection of the eggs. During the fertilization, multiple eggs are required to have high success rate in fertilization. By blood hormonal tests and ultrasounds, the phase of the eggs are checked. Once the maturity of the egg is confirmed, egg retrieval process is initiated. With the help of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved; on the same day of egg retrieval process, semen sample collection is done. Now, the egg and sperm are kept on the culture dish in order to facilitate natural fertilization. Active and motile sperm fuses with the egg and thus insemination process is fulfilled. After the fertilization, unfertilized egg becomes fertilized one or embryo. Placing the best embryo (one or two) into the female uterus is the last step of IVF Kolkata. If the embryo is successfully implanted in the wall of the uterus, then the chance of pregnancy is almost supposed to be there. Within 2 week of transferring the embryo, pregnancy test is done.

What for IVF Kolkata is unique

There are countless points why IVF Kolkata is known as the best place to get rid of infertility. One of the unique and uncommon reasons for it is the success rate of IVF treatment. You heard it right; IVF Kolkata’s success rate is higher than other fertility clinics. Experts & the team play a vital role in contributing to this high success rate of IVF in Kolkata. The way they handle the case of any sterility issue is inexplicable and familiar. IVF Kolkata clinic is highly hygienic and well structured. Meet with the best Kolkata IVF specialist to achieve your desired goal of pregnancy. The one who is struggling with infertility complications. The reason for facing such complications could be anything such as smoking, drinking, low-quality eggs, sperm, etc. there are millions of couples who get desire pregnancy through the IVF procedure.  The specialists of the centre are well experienced and skilled and have completed many infertility treatments. There are many couples who got their desire through this centre

IVF success rate depends upon

IVF success rate relies on some factors like- the age of the woman, embryo quality, eggs and sperms quality. Female’s age in IVF treatment come up with the favourable result of pregnancy. If the age of the female is below 35, the success rate of IVF is 72-75% by IVF Kolkata. Less the age of the woman in IVF, high chances of success rate in the treatment. IVF with ICSI technique is selected by those males who are unfit to produce healthy and motile sperms during the step of fertilization. In ICSI, a single sperm (most active and motile) is chosen by the experts and then directly injected into the egg. ICSI treatment is also achieved by IVF, only the step of fertilization is different. IVF in Kolkata is undeniably a straightforward and trouble-free procedure. Read Also:
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