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January 6, 2023

What is The Procedure of IVF in Kolkata

IVF Process Kolkata- A procedure that can’t be compared with any other fertility treatment –

When a couple is unable to cut the natural cycle of fertilization that means they are suffering from a disorder known as Infertility. Many of the individuals think that infertility is a disease but it is a disorder, which is caused by improper lifestyle, stress, usage of any drugs, drinking habit, over or under weight, excess and heavy workout etc.  Infertility is more common in urban places. But no worries! as advance medical technology has now countless solution to fix out the issue of infertility or sterility.

Is there any suitable treatment to solve infertility cause?

One of the most white-bread treatments to decipher sterility issue is IVF. IVF is the fertility treatment and comes in the advance methodology of ART technique. ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology, advance fertility treatments to elucidate any fertility cause, many of the treatments are found in ART. IVF- IN Vitro Fertilization; during the procedure of this course of medication, an embryo is placed into the uterus of the female partner to achieve pregnancy. Fertilization mode of this treatment is unique and straightforward which is carried out by the fertility experts of Kolkata. During IVF procedure Kolkata, a patient or a couple won’t experience any type of discomfort or discontent through the entire steps of the treatment. Select IVF is the fertility clinic, which works on sterility problem; this clinic has untangled large number of sterility case; in addition with, its main goal is to deliver healthy and fit baby after nine month of the duration of pregnancy.

Is IVF right for each sterile couple?

IVF in Kolkata is a course of medication, which not only gives decent rate of pregnancy, but also it has high number of blooming delivery cases after this treatment. IVF is appropriate for-
  • Women whose fallopian tubes are either damaged or blocked
  • Male factor infertility (which include- low sperm count, less motility )
  • Fallopian tubes are removed
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women who are experiencing premature ovarian failure, improper ovulation cycle
  • Uterine fibroids

How the IVF process in Kolkata works

IVF procedure Kolkata is simple and uncomplicated; at initial level, fertility drugs and medications are given to the female partner for the stimulation of the eggs. In order to achieve multiple eggs by the female at the time of egg retrieval process these medications are prescribed. Maturation of the eggs is checked by the transvaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests. Once the eggs are supposed to be matured, egg retrieval procedure is facilitated by the Select IVF veteran experts. Egg retrieval procedure is done with the help of a hollow needle. On the same day of egg retrieval step, semen sample collection is achieved. Sperms and eggs are kept on a culture dish for natural fertilization. As soon, as the sperms fuse with the eggs, the combination is called an embryo (a fertilized egg). After 3-4 days of fertilization, the best-quality embryo is placed into the uterus of the female. Once the embryo is successfully implanted with the uterine wall, the chance of pregnancy is high. Within two weeks of transferring an embryo, a pregnancy test is scheduled by fertility experts. In the IVF process in Kolkata, the specialists of infertility are crackerjacks and have master hands experience on any sterility issue. Advanced treatment of IVF  There are multiple treatments for infertility such as ICSI, FET, PGT, PGS, etc. ICSI is the treatment that gets done when the quality of sperm is low and they are not able to get inside the eggs.  In these cases, the experts suggest to the couple go for the advanced IVF treatment called ICSI. where the experts inject the sperm into eggs to complete the fertility procedure.  The treatment of ICSI starts by examining the quality of eggs and sperm. Thus, they  suggest the right amount of medication for them so that eggs and sperm can get matured.  When the sperm and eggs get matured then at that time the experts pick up them. And let them keep on the cultural dish. Further, experts inject the eggs and sperm and leave them for a few days. And after some days when the embryo transformed into a blastocyst and at this stage the esports transfer it into the female uterus.  And left embryo will be frozen in the freezer. For the exceptional case where the female gets a negative result of pregnancy. 

Still confused choosing IVF in Kolkata?

Trust and patience always play significant role in the entire procedure of IVF Kolkata. IVF procedure Kolkata is undeniably a soothing process, which gives you 80-90% surety to have your own baby after undergoing the treatment of IVF. Success rate of IVF course of medication relies on several factors; one of the major points is the age of the woman (eggs of the female play vital role to achieve lap of luxury in fertilization process), sperm motility and the embryo quality. In some case of infertility, male partner is unable to release motile and active sperms for the procedure of insemination, when this situation occurs, fertility experts advice the couple to opt for IVF with ICSI (ICSI is an advance form of IVF, half of the steps of ICSI is similar to IVF). During ICSI, fertilization is achieved by directly injecting a single sperm (highly active) into the egg. Sperm are chosen by the specialists and thus ICSI is one of the best fertility treatments to elucidate male infertility. So, if you are making your mind to go for IVF therapeutics then IVF procedure Kolkata is the ultimate and leading solution to remove the major headache of sterility from your life. Read Also:
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