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January 9, 2023

What is the Cost of Azoospermia Treatment in Kolkata 2023

Get to know about the right & appropriate Azoospermia treatment cost Kolkata

We know that infertility is growing day by day in a large step by affecting several couples and individuals making them unable to achieve the tag of Parents. At one specific time, there was hardly any advance treatment available to get rid of this infertility blot, but now, at this time, we have not one medication that can be said as the headway infertility treatment but there are numerous medications to treat this disorder. Thanks to the foremost and modern equipments, which have enabled us to fight against this battle referred as infertility. Decades ago, people were aware about female infertility because male were hardly found as infertile; on the other hand, now, ratio of male infertility is approx half of the female infertility count. Days have passed and so changes have occurred drastically. During this page, we are going to discuss about Male infertility treatment that is – Azoospermia treatment. Azoospermia treatment is related with male infertility disorder. Azoospermia treatment cost Kolkata is far reasonable and easy to pay by each sterile male partner.

What happens in Azoospermia treatment Kolkata?

Sperm is produced in the male’s scrotum’s testes (testicles); it goes along with the reproductive tract to mix with the fluid (of seminal ducts). This forms the semen white thick fluid released during ejaculation from the penis. If not any sperms found in the semen during ejaculation then what will happen? No sperm means no fertilization and if no fertilization then no pregnancy. For achieving fertilization, sperms and eggs must be in healthy situation. Azoospermia is referred as- No sperm count. Azoospermia is found in 10-12% case of male infertility disorder.  There are two types of Azoospermia-
  • Obstructive Azoospermia (OA)
  • Non-obstructive Azoospermia (NOA)
In obstructive azoospermia, sperms are being produced but then get blocked in the male reproductive tract. Male who suffers from Non-obstructive azoospermia, found to be no sperm in his semen because of abnormal sperm production. To unscramble this issue whether it is OA or NOA, fertility surgeons need to do surgical aspiration. One of the best treatments to solve azoospermia is TESA. TESA is well accepted and widely used to treat OA and NOA azoospermia. TESA is always followed by ICSI technique. Without ICSI treatment, TESA cannot be accomplished. TESA with ICSI has successfully medicated the disorder of azoospermia and offers 40-45% live birth rate from OA and NOA sterile couple. TESA is a sperm surgical aspiration procedure, where sperms are extracted from the testes (by a surgical method). This process hardly takes 40-50 minutes of the male patient and is not at all a long or delayed process.

Understandable Azoospermia treatment cost Kolkata

Azoospermia treatment cost Kolkata is very reasonable and specially designed in marked down price so that each infertile male can go for this treatment to untangle his infertility cause. Azoospermia cost Kolkata is INR 35,000. This cost is only for sperm surgical extraction that means this medication charges is excluded from ICSI technique.  If we will talk about Azoospermia cost Kolkata with ICSI technique then the charge would be different. Azoospermia treatment cost Kolkata by Select IVF India fertility clinic gives the medication of azoospermia in far reasonable cost. Select IVF India is one of the head-most ART specialist clinics, which is heading towards as the best clinic in India to elucidate infertility cause. Read Also:
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