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January 13, 2023

How Much Do Egg Donor Profiles Cost in Kiev 2023?

Obtaining the services of an egg donor at a low egg donor cost in Kiev

A couple takes the plunge to undergo a fertility treatment when they are facing with the issue of infertility. Infertility is a bad situation whereby the couples are deprived of experiencing the joy of parenthood because of various health issues. One of the reasons that lead to the problem of infertility is the quality of eggs produced by the woman. The patient undergoing the IVF treatment and having the bad quality of eggs can take the help of an egg donor to get success in their fertility treatment.

The egg donor is a woman that provides her eggs for the infertility treatment of the patients by undergoing a course of medical treatment. At Select IVF Ukraine, we have the best egg donors that are properly screened for their medical and mental health. Our patients get the services of healthy egg donors at a reasonable cost of egg donor in Kiev. We have a huge database of healthy egg donors that is made after performing a relevant medical procedure in order to assess their ability to become an egg donor in Kiev.

We are a famous medical tourism company in Ukraine working in conjunction with the best fertility experts and other medical professing possessing substantial experience of executing the most effective fertility treatments. Our patients experience a comfortable treatment and the facility to choose the best hospital that best suits their budget and other requirements. Our adroit fertility experts are skilled at implementing the best course of fertility treatment within a reasonable price range. Also, our team at the network fertility hospital assists the patients at each step of their fertility treatment and make sure they do experience major trouble during their fertility treatment.

The procedure of egg donation involving the healthy egg donor in Kiev

We offer highly affordable egg donor profiles cost in Kiev that is created after extensive screening and performing medical testing on the potential candidates. Our fertility experts effectively execute the process of egg donation and make sure that the patients get progressive results in their fertility treatment. Our egg donors undergo a comprehensive diagnosis before their eligibility is confirmed as an egg donor to find out if they have any health issues.

Selecting an appropriate egg donor

Before undergoing the process of egg donation, first, a suitable egg donor is selected and for that purpose, patients are given access to the various egg donor profiles in order to find a suitable match for them. After the patient has selected a suitable egg donor, she has to once again undergo medical screening before commencing the process of egg donation in Kiev to make sure that there are in perfect health.

Ovarian stimulation of the egg donor

The first step of the medical treatment includes giving certain medicines and hormonal injections to the egg donor for discouraging their natural cycle and synchronizing it with that of the patient. For triggering the ovulation cycle of the patient, she has to take various fertility injections such as gonadotropin; a medicine that aids in increasing the availability of mature eggs for the next stage of the fertility treatment. During this period, the condition of her ovaries is observed with the help of ultrasounds to track the development of the ovarian follicles.

surrogate mother in Georgia 2020
Egg Donor Cost in Kiev

Preparing uterine lining for the embryo implantation

It is crucial that the embryo formed as a result of the fertility treatment gets successfully attach to the endometrial lining of the patient and for that reason, estrogen and progesterone injections are given to the patient for preparing the uterine lining. The embryo is formed by combing and fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a laboratory setting. Afterward, embryo transfer is done in which the embryo is implanted into the recipientโ€™s uterus. In the end, some pregnancy tests and lab tests are done on the patient to confirm pregnancy after a period of two weeks.

Reasonable and effective egg donor cost in Kiev

Select IVF Ukraine is a well-known fertility treatment services provider agency in Ukraine that offers the best quality fertility treatments in Kiev. We offer sensible egg donor profiles cost in Kiev and our patients are given the facility to choose the best egg donor that confirms all their requirements. The main aim of our team at the network hospital is to make the dreams of the infertile patients come true so that they live a happy life.

The cost of egg donor in Kiev is about USD 2000, which is a highly reasonable price you can get offered for acquiring the services of an egg donor. Our low cost and the services of the best fertility experts are the reason behind patients choosing our fertility services in Kiev for their fertility treatment.

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