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January 6, 2023

IVF Laos 2023 – Cost, Process & Success Rate

IVF in Laos– Effective Remedy to get rid of Infertility issue

IVF Laos is one of the productive fertility treatments and is a part of ART technique. ART, on the other hand, is the medical abbreviation that encompasses with several effective fertility treatments. Infertility is that bane which is surging day by day. A recent research has shown that one out of seven couples faces with the issue of infertility throughout their life. Infertility can be defined as, when the couple has done unprotected intercourse more than 12 times in a year and still not able to conceive or get pregnant. Infertility is a hormonal disorder that affects both men and women. If a male is unfit to impregnate his partner then it might be possible that he lacks his fertility potential and same goes with female as well. Usually, a woman gets infertile due to her ovulation disorder; premature ovarian failure and fallopian issue; there could be other reasons as well like endometriosis, PCOS, genetic disorder etc. IVF treatment in Laos has become boon for several infertile couples and most effective solution to get rid of Infertility issue. By Going through this treatment, Childless duos will have their own baby if everything goes well during the method of IVF (such as- age of the couple, woman’s egg quality, sperm quality etc). Select IVF Laos is known as the best Clinic to iron out the issue of infertility. Select IVF Laos is considered as one of the best clinic running for infertility treatments.

Why to choose IVF Treatment in Laos to treat infertility?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization; it is the best and productive fertility treatment to solve the issue of infertility. IVF is also known as test tube baby treatment. Crucial step of this treatment is achieving healthy fertilization and embryo transfer. This treatment must be performed under the guidance of fertility veterans. IVF Laos puts forward experienced and highly qualified specialists, who have more than 30 years of experience in fertility sector. IVF in Laos can be done with several techniques, for example if the male is unable to turn out with healthy and motile sperms then IVF with ICSI or IMSI is preferred.

When IVF treatment is recommended to the couple

  • Less motility of Sperms in male
  • Ovulation disorders / irregular menstruation cycle
  • Blocked or removed fallopian tube
  • Unexplained infertility issue
  • Individual with genetic disorder
  • Women facing with PCOS disorder
  • Females, who have the issue of endometriosis
  • Unknown case of infertility

Step by step points of IVF procedure in Laos

The first step of IVF Laos is Pre IVF checks ups, wherein fertility experts monitors the natural cycle of the female, carry some fertility tests, blood hormone level check-up and then they start to provide fertility drugs or fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries for healthy egg retrieval step. During the fertility medication and hormonal injections, a female has to visit clinic twice or thrice in a week for regular check-ups (vaginal ultrasounds, hormonal tests) to know the size of follicles and development of the matured eggs. Once the specialist gets confirm about the maturity of the follicles, then the next procedure of IVF Laos is to collect the eggs from the female’s ovaries. Egg retrieval or egg collection is a procedure, which is performed under pain medication or local anaesthesia. However, this process is painless, rare female feels cramp and discomfort during this procedure, that’s the reason, why pain medication is given to the female patient before collection of the eggs. These eggs are later mixed up with sperms in a single culture dish (received from donor or partner) for fertilization. Keeping this combination on a Petri dish, fertilization happens, where motile and active sperm penetrates with the egg’s wall and then goes inside of the egg’s cytoplasm for cell division. If the sperm has successfully fused with the egg then formation of Embryo will take place. Now transferring one or two of the best embryo in the recipient’s uterus is the last step of IVF in Laos. IVF Laos usually takes 3-4 weeks for the completion.

Why to make up one’s mind for our Clinic

Success rate of IVF Laos– IVF Laos gives a decent success rate. Age does play a critical function for IVF achievement, and the case of couple’s infertility. The usage of an egg donor or sperm donor may additionally hit the success rate of IVF Laos.

IVF – a way to glitter your fertility days

If we talk about the package of IVF in Laos, then we will get to know that it is based on a marked down and slashed price. IVF success rate normally varies upon various factors along with age of the associate, fertility stage, on the previous medical records and so forth. IVF in Laos is performed under super guidance of experts and team of veterans. The package of IVF cost in Laos consist of the entire route of medicine including fertility tablets, vaginal ultrasound, meeting up with doctor, and rest of the step of IVF Laos. Read Also:
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