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December 22, 2023

Laser Assisted Hatching

Welcome to Select IVF, where cutting-edge technology meets the art of assisted reproduction. In our pursuit of optimizing fertility treatments, we proudly introduce Laser Assisted Hatching as a pioneering approach. This advanced technique enhances the success of IVF by delicately manipulating the embryo’s outer shell with a laser. By creating a precise opening, Laser Assisted Hatching facilitates the embryo’s emergence, improving its implantation potential in the uterus. This breakthrough technology is particularly beneficial for individuals or couples undergoing IVF, offering a refined method to overcome certain implantation challenges. At Select IVF, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring the best possible outcomes on your journey toward parenthood.

Understanding Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching is a reproductive technique where a laser is used to thin the outer layer of an embryo, enhancing the chances of successful implantation during assisted reproductive procedures.

What is Laser Assisted Hatching?

Laser Assisted Hatching is a sophisticated technique designed to enhance the success rates of IVF. This procedure involves the precise application of a laser beam to create a small opening in the outer shell of the embryo, known as the zona pellucida. This meticulous process aims to facilitate the embryo’s implantation during IVF, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

How Does it Work?

The procedure begins with the selection of viable embryos for transfer. A specialized laser is then employed to make a precise incision in the zona pellucida, allowing for easier hatching of the embryo. This controlled opening optimizes the implantation process, ultimately improving the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

The Process of Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching is meticulously executed on the third day of the IVF cycle, when the embryo is still in the lab. This cutting-edge technique employs a specialized laser to create a controlled breach in the zona pellucida. The use of laser technology assures the maximum safety and efficacy in this sensitive operation. Despite its apparent simplicity, producing a precise fracture in the zona pellucida requires expert professionals and sophisticated equipment in the embryology lab. The entire procedure is swift, taking only a few seconds. Laser shots are strategically employed to soften the zona pellucida, facilitating the creation of a carefully controlled opening without direct contact with the embryo. This meticulous process prioritizes the embryo’s safety and ensures optimal precision throughout.

Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment Cost

The Cost of Laser Assisted Hatching treatment can vary based on several factors, including the clinic, location, and individualized patient needs. On average, this procedure may range from $1,500 to $3,000 per cycle, adding to the overall expenses of IVF. Factors influencing costs encompass the clinic’s expertise, the inclusion of additional services, and any specialized requirements tailored to a patient’s unique situation. It’s crucial for individuals considering this treatment to consult with fertility specialists who can offer a comprehensive breakdown of expenses, ensuring a transparent understanding of the financial aspects associated with Laser Assisted Hatching in their specific case.

Advantages of Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching offers enhanced embryo implantation potential during IVF by creating a precise opening in the embryo’s outer layer. This can improve success rates in fertility treatments.

Enhanced Implantation Rates: Research has consistently shown that Laser Assisted Hatching significantly enhances implantation rates during IVF. By creating a more favorable environment for embryo attachment, this technique addresses one of the critical factors affecting the success of fertility treatments.

Increased Pregnancy Success: The meticulous nature of laser-assisted hatching contributes to increased pregnancy success rates. This is particularly beneficial for individuals and couples who may have faced challenges with previous IVF attempts, offering renewed hope and optimism on their journey to parenthood.

What Are The Steps of Laser Assisted Hatching?

The Laser Assisted Hatching Process is a concise two-step procedure conducted after the retrieval of cryopreserved embryos.

  • Light Pulsing: Laser Assisted Hatching begins with individualized treatment for each embryo. The embryo is encircled by a guiding light, demarcating the area for laser pulsing. The laser delicately pulses a segment of the circumference, aiming to gently dissolve a portion of the embryonic shell. The procedure is executed with precision, ensuring that the laser’s heat does not adversely affect the embryo’s cells.
  • Implantation: Subsequently, the embryologist selects up to two embryos for uterine placement. Over the next few days, the chosen embryo undergoes the natural process of implantation into the uterine lining. This refined technique enhances the implantation potential of embryos, contributing to improved outcomes in assisted reproductive procedures.

Select IVF Commitment to Excellence

Select IVF is unwaveringly committed to excellence in fertility care. Our dedication is reflected in state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and a compassionate team, ensuring the highest standards for our patients.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Select IVF, we pride ourselves on maintaining state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest advancements in reproductive technologies. Our commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care throughout their fertility journey.

Expertise of Our Team

Our experienced team of fertility specialists and embryologists are dedicated to providing personalized care. With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding fertility treatments, they employ a patient-centric approach, offering support and guidance at every step of the process.

Laser Assisted Hatching Success Rate

Laser Assisted Hatching has demonstrated notable success rates in enhancing the outcomes of assisted reproductive procedures. According to research, this new approach boosts the implantation potential of embryos during IVF by promoting the opening of the embryonic shell. Success rates vary based on individual patient factors, the clinic’s expertise, and specific circumstances. On average, studies have reported success rates ranging from 60% to 80%, showcasing the positive impact of Laser Assisted Hatching on embryo implantation. This novel strategy has become a crucial tool in fertility treatments, giving people and couples hoping for a successful pregnancy hope.


Laser Assisted Hatching stands as a beacon of hope for individuals and couples striving to build their families through assisted reproductive technologies. At Select IVF, we recognize the significance of this innovative technique and its potential to redefine the success rates of IVF treatments.

For those embarking on the path to parenthood, the journey is not just about science; it’s about compassion, support, and the unwavering commitment to turning dreams into reality. With Laser Assisted Hatching, we aim to be the catalyst that propels you towards the joy of parenthood.

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