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January 11, 2023

Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore 2023- How Much Does Cost of Egg Donor Profiles Photos Bangalore

Egg Donor in Bangalore – The Best Option for Family Creation

It will be not wrong to say that the world of a married couple is more than a barren land without squealing of a child in their life. The issue of infertility has been a major concern nowadays and also the biggest halt to couples’ happiness. However, advanced medical technology has opened enough solution to these gloomy disorders.

When a couple is unable to conceive via natural procedure then through assisted reproductive technology, a mother’s lap is fulfilled with a baby and experiences the most beautiful days of her life.

One of the most efficacious ART techniques we are talking here is Egg Donor in Bangalore. Yes! A couple can easily get their own child with the help of this technique. Although the baby won’t have any genetic relationship with the mother, the baby links with the father.

With the help of a Donor Egg in Bangalore, a childless couple can easily conceive and enjoy their parenthood. Egg Donor procedure is accomplished with IVF treatment. The procedure of egg donor in Bangalore is extremely safe and uncomplicated. Egg Donor in Bangalore has come to light as the procedure of IVF developed and preferred.   

Select IVF India helps the infertile couples to begin their new life using appropriate fertility treatment. Being one of the leading ART specialist centres, Select IVF India has a comprehensive and thorough database of Egg Donor in Bangalore for both Indian and foreign patients. A couple can easily decide and figure out which donor they want for their IVF treatment. We provide the best donors all around the world and have multiple databases on the basis of ethnicity, age, hair color, eye color, height, etc. There are full transparency and clarity choosing the desired egg donor for their IVF treatment with donor egg procedure.

The Cost of Egg Donor in Bangalore is easy payable and within reach by each couple, whoever planning for their IVF treatment with donor egg. Select IVF India offers donor egg Bangalore in much more affordable cost comparing to other fertility clinics. We do have a customized structure Cost of IVF with donor egg in Bangalore so that each one can plan their IVF treatment without worrying about the package of IVF Cost in Bangalore with a donor egg.

What is Egg Donor in Bangalore?

Before learning about Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore, let’s start with what egg donor is. Egg Donor is the one who donates her eggs (in return she gets compensation of the procedure) for infertile couple’s IVF treatment, where the female is unable to provide healthy eggs for fertilization. And egg donation is the procedure by which the donor donates her eggs to help the couple to achieve success in assisted reproduction treatment (IVF treatment/ ICSI etc.). Egg Donor in Bangalore is one of the good causes of helping others who are in trouble achieving parenthood.  

The procedure of Egg Donor in Bangalore is accomplished under the supervision of senior fertility specialist, who retrieves the eggs from the donor’s ovaries. Donated eggs from the donor are either defrosted or frozen for the future use or the eggs are fertilized immediately with couple’s male sperms and once fertilization is done, an embryo is implanted into the patient’s uterus in order to achieve pregnancy. The procedure of Egg donor Bangalore takes 4-6 weeks. The success rate of IVF Treatment with donor egg in Bangalore shows the highest rate of any fertility treatment.

The Cost of Egg Donor in Bangalore – No Need to finger crossed

True! If you have pre-assumed regarding the cost of Egg Donor in Bangalore that is very high and you can’t plan for it, here would like to say A BIG NOOO! Completely agree that IVF treatment with donor egg is a bit pricey than conventional IVF (or with self egg) but it’s not far above the ground. If you are thinking about it then you easily can plan to undergo this procedure.

Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore is approximate INR 1, 00,000 – 1, 20,000; this cost of an egg donor in Bangalore includes –

  1. Egg Donor compensation
  2. Drafting a legal contract between the couple (intended) and the donor
  3. Pre-testing fee
  4.  All match manager related procedure
  5. Fertility medication and regular injection
  6. Collection of the eggs  

When can a woman plan for donor egg in Bangalore?

There are certain aspects of why a woman should go for Egg Donor in Bangalore to accomplish her IVF treatment instead of her own eggs. If we talk about the success rate of donor egg IVF treatment, then this is the treatment that gives 70-80% surety to the couple to attain pregnancy. We all know that egg plays a vital role throughout the journey of IVF treatment and if you are planning for donor egg IVF then no worries, as the eggs, provided by the donor are all at the healthy stage. Hence IVF with donor egg is fruitful and results positive in the pregnancy test.

Following are some of the common reasons to go for Egg Donor Bangalore

  • If a woman has reached 35 years, the egg quality goes down, resulting hard to fulfill IVF procedure with her own eggs, this is the best time when she can plan for egg donor in Hyderabad.
  • When a woman experiences early menopause during the age of 30-35
  • Women with damaged ovaries or born without ovaries can choose the Egg donor in Bangalore to have success in IVF treatment.
  • A couple experiencing failed IVF treatment due to poor egg quality
  • Repeated pregnancy failure
  • Women having a severe issue in conceiving

Why Choose Select IVF India for your Egg Donor in Bangalore?

At Select IVF India, egg donor centre in Delhi, the database of the donor is enriched with qualities of an ideal egg donor profile that comprises the following traits:

At Select IVF India, a couple will have numerous options choosing their desired profile of egg donor in order to have a baby similar like a couple. We are specialized in giving donors –

  • Healthy and fit donor (age 21-35)
  • Non-smoker, non- alcoholic, and nun-drug user
  • Never have miscarriage history
  • Genetic and chromosomal disorder- negative
  • Optimal ovarian reserve
  • No indication of severe disease (such as Hepatitis B and C, AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, heart issue, etc.)
  • Reasonable Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore
  • Full transparency in each procedure

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